Selling Out to the Billionaire

By: Penny Wylder

"Just part of the job," I say, giving him a winning smile. "I have to be familiar with you so I can imagine you in a space."

"You're free to imagine me however you like."

I ignore the dare implied in his words, trying to turn it back on him. "Ah, well, this isn't about what I like. It's about what you like. Speaking of which, could you tell me some things you enjoy in a home? It might help with the search."

He smiles, and I wonder what he's thinking. If it's anything close to what I imagined about that bed…It doesn’t matter. I’m a professional, and I’m going to sell this man a house. "I want the best."

The best. That's very specific. Well, if he wants to be coy with his preferences, at least I can give him exactly what he wants right now. “Let’s go to the next house then. As it happens, the bedroom is full of windows. You'll be free to imagine whomever and whatever you like.”

I turn and walk out of the room without seeing if he’ll follow. I’m just making it to the top of the stairs when he overtakes me. He passes me, and I get a whiff of his cologne. It’s subtle and spicy and perfect because you have to be this close to him to smell it at all. He places his hand on the small of my back as he passes, murmuring an excuse me. And as he passes his hand drifts lower, deliberately across my ass before it’s gone.

I’m so shocked that I miss a step. I feel that terrifying sense of empty space and the horrifying realization that I’m going to fall down the stairs in front of my client. Because of my client. A small corner of my mind wonders if this is how I’ll die and whether or not I’ll go down in realtor history as one of the most embarrassing people to ever enter the profession. All this in a second, and then an arm comes around me and I’m not falling. Instead I’m looking straight into the eyes of Derek Conway.

I’m pressed up against his body and I can see how deep green his eyes are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes that color. Really gorgeous. I can smell his cologne again and I realize both that I’m staring and that I really would be happy not moving from this spot. I can feel the hardness of his body through his clothes and I feel my body reacting to his. I’m warm and fuzzy and aroused. There’s concern and mild panic written across Derek’s face. “Are you all right?”

Inside, my mind is cheering. HELL YES I’m okay, and I'd be even more okay if you took me back into that bedroom. Out loud I say, “I think so.”

There's a tenderness in his eyes that feels so out of place. It was his fault I fell—kind of. But maybe he knows and he regrets that. I can't be sure. The only thing I'm positive about is how delicious his strong hands feel wrapped around my waist.

My face flushes red again as I push away from him. He hesitates, as if he's debating taking hold of me again. I hurry down the stairs before either of us does something crazy.

If I don’t keep remembering that he’s off limits I may try to jump him no matter how infuriating he is. I’m embarrassed to feel that I’m wet—being that close to him was intoxicating.

I make it down the stairs without further incident. Derek casts one more long look at me before he climbs into his car. I hope he's heading to the next house and not fleeing me and my messed up desires. Either way I'm happy for the brief escape; I need some space to clear my head and put my professional face back on. And I need to keep it on even if he does talk about fucking women in front of giant windows. God, why is that so infuriatingly hot?

It’s not too far a drive to the next mansion, and I manage to calm myself down and review the different aspects I can pitch to him. This mansion is much more edgy in style than the last one—streamlined architecture with a lot of hard angles and more than enough glass. If he wants people to watch him fucking, he’ll be able to do it in practically every room in this house. It has tons of other perks too, a three-car garage, the standard gorgeous pool and I think…yes.

As I’m pulling into the driveway I flip open my file and check the photos. This house also comes with a waterslide. An actual fucking waterslide. I laugh out loud. I’m glad I’m going to get to sell these houses, but sometimes I wonder what people were thinking when they built them.

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