Sinful Torment

By: Tia Lewis & Penelope Marshall

A Romantic Suspense Novel

About This Book

Jessica Harris isn’t looking for love the night her friends take her to a BDSM club in New York. After divorcing her abusive husband, another relationship is the last thing on her mind. But when she meets Ethan McKnight, the club’s owner, the spark between them is immediate.

Ethan can’t get enough of Jessica’s curves and sensual submission. With each encounter, their connection deepens, until they can’t imagine being apart.

But Jessica’s ex is as jealous and possessive as he is corrupt. He’s willing to destroy them both to prevent their happiness. As his tactics escalate and the danger mounts, Jessica and Ethan must work together to defeat him… or lose everything.

Sinful Torment is a steamy standalone romantic suspense novel. It's only recommended for audiences 18+. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA.

Author’s Note:

This e-book is intended for mature audiences only. It contains graphic adult language and explicit sexuality. This e-book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. Reader discretion is advised.


He was charming, and I was naive. A dangerous combination if you ask me. I guess he had always been that way, but I never saw it until the end. Funny thing—the end. It provides a certain clarity—a perspective one didn't have while in the midst of the storm—a perspective that screams for help while your life slips away before your eyes…

Chapter One

I laid there in the darkness as I listened to the squeaking of the bedding all around me. The sensations both somewhat thrilling, but apprehensive within me as I rolled my hips in quick succession to meet the demand of the thrusting of my ex-husband behind me. The soft, rhythmic slap of his thighs against the firmness of my ass cheeks echoed off of the walls. I continued to keep my legs as far apart from one another as I could, arching my hips upwards as he pushed downward against me, feeling the thick veininess of his throbbing cock squeezing in against the tightening circle of my dripping pussy. My mind alternated between flashes of pleasure, and the stinging of pain as he continued to robotically fuck me like an animal.

I couldn't help it as I moaned what was expected of me. I attempted to bottle up that feeling inside of me, but I released it in a groan of pleasure that both was an exaggeration for his benefit, but still deep inside of me an expression of how close I was coming to the brink.

I bucked up against him harder, pressing my knees down against the shaking mattress in a needy manner, throwing off his rhythm, but not the power behind his thrusts. The bed cocked forward with a rock and knocked up against the roughly plastered wall with a resounding clack of metal and tightening springs.

That didn't seem to stop him though as I heard him growl in exasperation for me ruining the pace of our rutting.

"Jesus Christ, Jessica. Would you sit still..." he growled once more as his thighs bucked back, and then forward against me once more in a rough little fuck that nearly drove me downward. My knees buckled beneath me, and I could feel my thighs numb from the power of his wide girth violating my inner walls, but I continued to hold up still, shaking my hips from side to side for him to continue. The primal, carnal part of my mind needing that orgasm. Wanting that release as I mewled like a pet beneath him.

He didn't take the signs I was giving him, and I felt the rough, calloused palm of his hand press down against the small of my back as he pushed me down, pinning me further down among the tossed aside bed sheets, my legs further spreading apart.

"Oh god... Nick...!" I gasped in the way of an apology. I didn't want to anger him more than he already was on a normal basis, but at the same time, I didn't want to have him relent. "God Nick yes!" I groaned.

I could feel myself cumming, so close already. The deep well of heat inside of my belly growing as each slam of his thighs buckled my mind underneath his vicious fucking onslaught. Slivers of pain and pleasure washed over me like a wave, crashing in against my body as I alternated between sensitivity and numbness. My mind was entirely focused on the release. God, I was so close to cumming just from the roughness of his plowing my tingling pussy and the sound of the bedding slamming against the walls in an announcement to the neighbors of what we were doing. My inner walls squeezed and pulled on him each time he pulled back, signaling to him what I wanted.

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