Sinfully Scarred:Reckless Bastards MC

By: KB Winters

Reckless Bastards MC

Chapter 1


“Whoo boy, you sure you can handle all this power?” Cross, the President of the Reckless Bastards MC shouted at me over the quick-fire shots of a semi-automatic.

I grinned at his wide smile. Cross was a big ass kid at heart, but he took his club responsibilities seriously, which was why he’d come over when I said I’d be at the clubhouse today. “I can more than handle it,” I told him and flexed my biceps.

“Good to hear, because those young honeys over there are checkin’ out the goods.” He wiggled his eyebrows as three half-dressed women made their way over to us.

I turned just in time to clock them. Two brunettes and a blonde, all hot and leggy with fake tits as big as hot air balloons. The blonde was the apparent leader of the threesome, pushing her tits out as she approached. “Hey boys, we were wondering if you did private lessons?”

Cross smiled and clapped me on the back. “No, but I’m sure we could make an exception for a group of pretty ladies. Isn’t that right, Golden Boy?”

I flashed what I hoped was a polite smile but the truth was these women did nothing to make my cock stir, which was damned annoying. Before being locked up, I would’ve taken all three to a dark corner and made sure they all left with smiles on their faces. Now, I felt jack shit. “Cross here is the boss and the best person to teach you to shoot.”

The blonde’s smile dimmed at my obvious brush off. “And maybe you could give us some after-hours lessons?”

“Sorry, busy.” I turned to Max who silently watched everything with a surprised look on his face.

“Whatever,” she said with a pout and I was sure if I gave enough of a damn to turn around, those collagen-enhanced lips would be poking out like a fucking kid. “We need more ammo. Cross, was it?”

“Sure thing, sugar. Follow me.”

“That was...unexpected.”

I looked up at my older brother who constantly looked worried about me, which I appreciated as much as I fucking hated it. “I’m not interested, all right?”

Max held up his hands, a smirk on his face. “It’s fine by me. I’ve got a great woman at home to love up on anytime I want.”

I smiled because I couldn’t have chosen a better woman for my brother. Jana was sweet and beautiful and had gone through a hell similar to his. They understood each other and to me, that shit was special. “And when I feel like having one, I will too.”

“I know you will. How are things are going at the shop?”

I nodded, talking as we both began to break down and clean the returned guns. “Everything is set, mostly. I hope to have the grand opening by the end of the week.” I used a small portion of the money I’d gotten in my lawsuit to open up a tattoo shop. At least I’d gotten something from the assholes who locked me up for six years for a fucking crime I didn’t commit. As a kid, I’d had dreams of being an artist but coming from a poor single parent home, I couldn’t afford such lofty dreams and enlisted in the Army. But this money, this fucking blood money, had given me a chance to make a future I’d always wanted.

“I know it doesn’t change anything, but that money is freedom bro.”

I nodded because I knew that. Still, the three million I got—a half million for each year inside—plus the fifteen in punitive damages after it had come out that the cops and prosecutor had hidden exculpatory evidence, felt like hush money. Like I wasn’t supposed to be angry about the years stolen from me. Well I was angry, dammit. “Doesn’t mean this shit doesn’t suck, Max.”

“No doubt, but that anger might get you locked up again. Legit this time, though.”

That was my biggest fear, that after the shit show my life had been for six years and three and a half months, I’d end up right back in that hellhole. “I’m working on it.” I wasn’t really but staying away from the club for the past few months had helped. Not that I blamed them for what had happened, I didn’t. But I felt out of sorts, uneasy around the people who were my family.

If not for Max and Jana, I probably would’ve already lost my shit a few times over. Cross returned with a smile on his face, and a telltale pink lipstick spot on his neck. “Love fucking much,” he said with a groan.

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