Sweet Arrest

By: Jordyn Tracey

In a daze, she turned her head to the wall where she had grasped her way to the kitchen door. A bloody print was smeared there. Her print. Darkness swirled, and her forehead knocked against the wall as she sank in slow motion.

Someone banged on the door. An authoritative voice called, “Open up. Police."

Before she could register how they knew without her calling, the officer outside the door tried the lock. She had a moment to consider if it was really the killer back to add her death to his crimes. But the man holding the badge and brandishing a gun was not the bad guy. He was Connor, the sexy man from the park.

Chapter Two

Connor froze in the doorway. When he had gotten the anonymous call about hearing screams for help in the bakery on Curzon Avenue, he didn't know what he would find. He did not expect to find the body of a young woman with her throat slashed nor the very beautiful, very sexy woman he had landed on top of in the park the other day.

For all intents and purposes, she looked guilty, covered in what he guessed was the victim's blood. But something in him wanted to believe she was pale and crying not from remorse at what she had done, but from the horror of what someone else had done and left for her to find.

He stepped farther inside, his partner following with a curse falling from his lips. Right away, Carl called it in. Connor gestured to her. “Ms.... “He pretended not to remember her first name, but he did. A'isha. As sweet as she had looked in her tight jogging outfit. Damn, he loved a woman with extra softness to her curves. The moment his body had connected with hers, he grew hard. He pushed those thoughts from his mind. He had work to do.

"Can you come over here please?” He didn't holster his weapon. “Are you alone?"

She nodded. He knew she was taller, so he thought she had been about to faint. Her soft brown skin seemed paler, and tears coated her cheeks. “Y-Yes, I guess,” she whispered.

He clenched his jaw. “Carl, check it out.” As his partner disappeared in the back, Connor carefully picked his way around the body, trying to keep his contamination of the crime scene to a minimum. But A'isha would never have made it to him without assistance. He gently took he arm. “Come with me outside where we can talk."

She sobbed. “Out there? They'll see me like this. I can't."

"Then come with me over to that corner there.” He nodded with his head in the direction farthest from the body, where he could block her view of it. “Everything will be okay. Just come with me."

Why did he say it like that?

"Come with you? I'm being arrested? I didn't do it!” she screeched, setting his ears to ringing. She wiggled past him, her ass rubbing against his thigh. Connor bit down on an expletive when she jetted for the door. He put his gun away and took off after her.

The woman could move in a panic. Half way down the block, he caught up with her and yanked her back into his arms. “A'isha, you need to calm down. I can't help you if you don't.” She continued to fight, clawing his arms with her nails. He growled, pinned her hands to her sides and shouted. “Stop it! I'm not going to hurt you! I'm not arresting you either ... at this time."

Her shoulders shook. He spun her in his arms to face him, and those full lips looked ripe for kissing just inches away from his. She fit in his hold like no woman had. When he would have lost himself in a fantasy of kissing her, the stains on her clothes snapped him out of it. He stepped back, but watched her.

"You're not going to run anymore, are you?” He narrowed a suspicious glare on her. She shook her head but didn't speak. The tremors continued, making her look like she was having mini-seizures. He hated himself for wanting nothing more than to comfort her. Get a grip, Connor. You don't know this woman. She could have murdered that young woman. He tugged his notebook from his pocket. “Now, do you know who the victim is back there in the bakery?"

Again, she nodded.

"I need you to speak to me, A'isha. If we're going to find out what happened, I need the facts. All of them.

She wrung her hands and glanced around. People had begun to arrive to open their businesses in the block, but stayed in their doorways when they spotted the police cars blocking the street. Connor sighed and flipped his book closed. He would get nowhere here.

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