Sweet Arrest

By: Jordyn Tracey

"Yes, you're right. Please ask me what you want. I have to reiterate that I did not do this, despite how it looked. Please Officer Connor, find the person who killed my assistant."

"Detective Pierce,” he corrected. “Trust me, I will find the one responsible. And when I do, I will do all I can to assist the D.A. in throwing him or her into prison for the rest of his life."

If he thought he would intimidate her into admitting guilt, he was mistaken. Her beautiful lips tightened. A glint of determination came into her eyes, and she said, soft but firmly, “I will do all I can to help you, but I am not guilty, and I won't be railroaded into taking the blame so you can look good in front of your superiors."

He grinned, this time succeeding in throwing her off. If he didn't know better, he'd say she found him attractive. She caught her breath and stared down at his hard-on he'd forgotten to keep covered. Then again, she could be shocked that he could be aroused in the midst of a situation such as this.

"Agreed, Ms. Greene. Shall we continue?"

Chapter Three

He was too sexy for words. Even when he tried his damndest to intimidate her, capturing her with steel in his blue eyes, she was drawn to him. But she knew the trouble she was in, and the only reason he hadn't hauled her ass into jail already, she figured, was that he was attracted to her. Who'd a thunk a man like him would be turned on by her? And he was turned on, if that rock his pants swallowed was any indication.

What was she doing thinking about that when she should be focusing on whether this man intended to pin the murder on her. This was bad, really bad. “I reiterate, Detective Pierce, I didn't do this. I found Cammie as she was.” Her voice grew thick, and she swallowed several times, fighting for calm.

"Can you think of anyone who might want to hurt her? Did she have a fight with her boyfriend?"

She passed a hand over her forehead thinking. “I'm not sure Cammie even had a boyfriend. She was attending the community college, and other than a pile of books, she didn't bring anyone by the shop."

"Did the two of you have a falling out?"

Her throat went dry. She hesitated.

"You might as well share everything with me, because I will discover all in time. I always do."

Surging to her feet, she rubbed her hands down her pants legs. Some self-conscious reminder told her not to turn her most hated body part to him as she paced over to the window, but she was too preoccupied. Flicking at the curtain she needed to take down and wash, she said, “Are you always this confident or is it just to scare me?"

She glanced around to find him tapping his notebook on his knee. He leaned back, this time not hiding his arousal. Strange, why would a man like him want me? Surely, the police department isn't using that technique to get guilty women to talk!

His cell rang, and he excused himself to answer. While he spoke, she examined his lips. Curved and sensual, they'd be nice to kiss. He reached in a pocket of his shirt causing his biceps to flex. She licked her lips. Damn. Hard muscle, tanned skin, coal black hair that looked like it hadn't been combed ever.

And his scent. When was the last time she had had a man in the house? Detective Pierce's natural male essence pervaded the room just as his physical presence did. The ache of loneliness bit at her. Ever since her mother died, keeping the bakery afloat had dominated her life. She wondered when it would all end, or for that matter where. The thought that it could be in prison hit her with a force that knocked her to her knees.

Off in the distance beyond the pounding of her heart, the snap of the cop's cell phone closing reached her. No word passed her lips. No moan. She half expected him to come over and comfort her. That's what men did, but he didn't come. Her gaze remained locked on the faded worn carpet beneath her fingers.

"Ms. Greene, where were you between seven last night and one in the morning?"

She didn't answer.

His feet came into her line of vision. With no show of kindness or interest in her beyond his job, he yanked her up to face him. “Ms. Greene? Did you hear me?"

"I was ... I was..."

He waited, his countenance forbidding.

"The man outside,” she croaked.

His brows shot down low over his eyes. “Yes?"

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