The Alpha's Domination

By: Sam Crescent

He sensed her wolf, could see it as if she changed in front of him. The dark black wolf with hints of brown needed a strong hand, a firm hand. For the first time in his life, he’d sensed what true submission was all about, and Dawn had it all locked up in her dark skinned body. Her hazel eyes shot fire at him while her curvy body begged for him to take her and fuck her. Dawn was all woman with large tits, full rounded hips, and a curving stomach. To him, she would take a fucking without any fear of hurting her. Her legs were thick and strong as well. Her body was pure perfection, and always had him hard as rock. Even as her wolf wanted to lie down in submission, the woman in front of him put up a fight. Dawn and her wolf were together as one, but she was determined not to put her future in the hands of a person she didn’t trust. For as much as she was submissive, she wasn’t stupid either. Daniel respected her.

His mate didn’t crave any kind of submission at the hands of a cruel man. She wanted to be submissive for the right man who’d take care of her and treat her right, not like some animal.

The scars inside her ran deep, and yet, she boxed them away as if there was not a care in the world. She wouldn’t acknowledge his claiming. They’d never fucked, and he’d not met her pack alpha.

Her one and only request was that her presence remain a secret. She didn’t want him to approach her pack alpha, and as her mate and Dom, he couldn’t do what she asked him not to. With every day that passed he tried to prove to her over and over again that she could trust him.

She allowed him to touch her, but only in punishment never in intimacy.

Their relationship was pitiful, but it’s what he needed. His wolf calmed a little when he was with her and now refused to lose that just because of her being difficult.

“You could find someone else, Daniel. You don’t have to put up with this crap.” Jake placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ve got no choice. She’s my other half. My only reason for going to Kinkster’s now.” From the moment Dawn entered his life, she’d destroyed him for any other woman. He used to take pleasure in training submissives and sharing a unique lifestyle with other women. Now, he depended on Dawn. She didn’t have the first clue of the power she held over him. He saw it in her eyes when they were together. She didn’t trust her responses or her senses. Had her senses let her down in the past? He didn’t know. There was so much he didn’t know about his woman. She was a mystery he wanted to solve.

“The rest of the pack, do they share your thoughts?” Daniel asked.

“They’re concerned for their Alpha, their leader. You’ve got to understand their worries.”

“I’ve got to understand nothing, Jake. I care for my pack, and no decision I make is easy.” He ran a hand down his face feeling the desire to find his mate. His wolf wished to bask in her scent and to see her submission at his feet.

“We know you’ll take care when you make this decision. We’re just concerned about you. Your wolf has run every day for the last month. Nothing you do seems to lock him up tight. Dawn keeping you at arms’-length is driving your wolf hard. One year, Daniel, one year you’ve been going through this. Something needs to stop.”

He turned to look at Jake. Dave and Bill were standing a good distance away, but he saw the tension in their bodies.

“You’re worried I’m going to let my beast take over?” Daniel asked.

“Worse things have happened in the past.”

Some women who deny their mates could sometimes set about the feral beast within. When the feral instinct hit, everyone was in danger.

“I’m not going to let it get that far. I’ve got a handle on everything. Dawn needs guidance and care. I’m not going to rush her just because my wolf demands more.” If he rushed Dawn all the work they’d put in together on their relationship would be over. As much as he’d love to spread her open and fuck her from sunrise to sunset, he knew he craved more.

“We trust you,” Jake said.

The look Dave and Bill sent him told him another story. They trusted him, but with Dawn they were starting to doubt his leadership.

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