The Alpha's Domination

By: Sam Crescent

You’re mates. Stop fighting it.

According to Daniel they were mates, but she didn’t trust the feelings going through her body. She’d been in such awful predicaments that she didn’t have the first clue what to believe anymore. Her wolf craved his harsh punishment as did she, yet they were both cautious, their past mistakes and cravings making them wary.

He stared at her. All his male perfection taunted her with what she could have and held herself away from. Was he here to mock her?

He’d never do that to you. Stop treating him like the others.

She forced herself to look at him and then wished she hadn’t. Daniel wasn’t wearing a shirt like most of the men in the club. However, when Daniel was semi-naked, she couldn’t focus on anything but his revealed flesh. His usually pale skin was tanned from the hours he spent in the sun. The same skin was covered in different kinds of ink. None of the ink was colored or elaborate. The designs were in black ink, pretty simple, yet they stood out on his body, which was strong, thick, and muscular. He made her mouth water when she simply looked at him. She quickly glanced down at her skirt, wishing she’d put something more on. When Daniel stood beside her, he made her feel small, delicate. Her size sixteen curves next to him felt like nothing. He pulsed with energy and power. The Alpha wolf inside him exuded everything she wanted in a man and a leader.

Don’t trust.

Her wolf’s inner warnings made her tense up.

“Look at me, Dawn.”

He spoke harshly. Her body awakened once again, and she looked at him. His black hair hung over his face brushing the tops of his eyes. Daniel didn’t have a lot of hair, but he had enough of it that she was left wanting to run her fingers through it. His brown gaze was focused entirely on her. She shivered at the power, the slight hint of amber as his wolf came to the surface.


“Thank you for telling me,” she said. “Are they your wolves?”

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing. I was just curious about the couple.” She offered a smile even though smiling was the last thing she wanted to do.

“You’re lying to me again.”

She bit her lip, glancing down at her hands.

Dawn released a gasp, and he picked her up off the stool she sat on and took her seat. In quick moves he had her sitting on his lap. The evidence of his erection pressed against her ass, mocking her.

This is what you could have but never will because you’re a coward.

His hand settled on her leg. Daniel didn’t push the boundaries she set. He was the perfect gentleman and Master.

“Tate and Dale have been coming to Kinkster’s for five years. They’re a truly happy mated couple.”

“She’s happy being a submissive?”

“They like to play, Dawn. Mated or not, they know what they like.”

Dawn licked her lips as her nipples beaded at the sound of his voice. The heat of his body surrounded her, filling her with hope for something more. Her pussy was on fire for his touch. It had been a year since she last experienced an orgasm, maybe a little longer. Her last partner left when he couldn’t give her what she wanted. He told her she needed to find someone willing to put up with her crap. She was always on the hunt to feel pain, a lot of it, and she liked being held down. Some men didn’t like being in charge completely. That’s all she wanted, a man to be in complete control and to give her pain. During her early years, she would have given anything to stop feeling pain. Now, she wanted the pain to know she was alive, that something wasn’t missing.

Look what happened all the times we’ve let them.

She closed her eyes as all of her failed attempts played through her like a broken record. At the ripe age of twenty-nine, she’d killed one man and been hurt by six more in a relationship. Being told you were a sick, disgusting, or plain weird, hurt just as much as punch. Dawn didn’t like being punched at least, or she didn’t used to. Now, she didn’t feel it. She liked being spanked, punished in the most delicious of ways as the touch was better than nothing.

“You can’t go anywhere,” Daniel said, capturing her chin and turning her to face him. The grip on her face was hard, and he didn’t let go. “What did I tell you when you came here?”

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