The Alpha's Domination

By: Sam Crescent

“Are you speaking the truth?” he asked.


“Do you know how much pain you like?”

She shook her head.

“I asked you a direct question.”

“Some of the pain has drawn blood.” She felt her cheeks heating. Would he be able to see her embarrassment?

“I can smell your embarrassment, pet. Why are you embarrassed?”

“It’s wrong to draw blood. Something’s wrong with me. None of the people in my father’s pack need what I need. I’m not normal.” None of them are searching for pain in the hope of finally feeling it. No one knew what she’d done by killing that man. Did she do the right thing in taking his life? She didn’t know. He had hurt other people, but did he deserve to die at her hand, or claw?

There were no easy answers for her. What would Daniel think of her when he found out the truth? Would he be repulsed and wish he’d never given her a chance? She was a defective mate.

He pushed some of her hair out of the way, leaning in close. “Did I ever say I was looking for someone normal? You’re perfect the way you are.”

Daniel moved away from her. “You’re going to be getting naked when you’re with me, and I don’t expect to hear any complaints from you. We’ll both be naked, and we’re going to explore this between us.”

She didn’t want him to see her naked.

Dawn cried out as he slapped her ass with a cane. If only she could feel the pain.

“Three.” She screamed the word. He struck hard with the cane, or at least, she imagined it was hard. No pain blossomed on her bottom, but her clit swelled because of his presence. Daniel never failed to arouse her.

Chapter Three

Daniel struck her twice more with the cane surprised that she kept up with the counting. She was such a good sub. He wouldn’t trade her in for anyone.

She likes pain to the point of bleeding.

In some transitions from human to wolf, the line between pleasure and pain got switched. He heard of some men and women who could take so much pain they could be on the verge of death and it wouldn’t affect them emotionally. The workings of a wolf body surprised him. Dawn wasn’t strange or different from many of them. She was afraid, untutored, and alone. Her wolf was torn in two between wanting him and being afraid. He wasn’t an idiot. Dawn had done something to cause this problem.

Putting the cane down on the floor, he stared at her body hating the sight of the clothes. He’d give anything to have her spread out and naked, her dark flesh revealed for him to touch, caress, or punish.

Wait, have patience. She’ll be ours.

His wolf passed along the walls of his mind. They wanted to claim the female in front of him. He picked up the paddle. This one had holes inside, and he brought it down on her ass. He made sure to strike hard enough for pain but not enough to bruise.

It was almost impossible to use a paddle without bruising, but he didn’t give her everything.

She cried out, screaming the numbers he wanted to hear. The scent of her arousal filled the room, and his wolf howled inside his mind. They wanted to slide between her thighs and lick her creamy cunt. She’d be dripping wet by the time he got his mouth around her clit, swallowing down her juice. The smell of her pussy alone was driving him crazy. His cock thickened, imagining what it would feel like to her wrapped around his length.

Don’t push.

Once he was done with the paddle, he decided not to use the whip. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he touched her back. The shirt she wore was soaked in sweat.

“When you see me enter a room, I want you to present to me. This will be the case inside my house. If we ever have company, you do not need to present to me. The only exception to this rule is when we’re outside. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she said.

Daniel pushed some of her hair that had fallen over her face out of the way. Her beautiful brown eyes stared back at him. She didn’t smile, but then, Dawn rarely smiled. Before their time was over, he wanted to get that smile on her face.

“We’re going to talk about your past and your future. My house is open and surrounded by land for us to run freely. If you think to run from me then I’ll tell your father the truth.”

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