The Medici Mistress

By: Clare Connelly

Her skin was the color of vanilla ice cream, her eyes like sea moss. Her lips were pink and heart shaped, and her hair was as black as night, as soft to touch as silk. As for her body, he hadn’t known it was possible for a woman to be slender yet voluptuous, diminutive but toned. She was so very alive, so completely intoxicating. “You take my breath away,” he whispered, keeping his eyes locked on hers.

“I need to see you.” She responded thickly.

“Then undress me,” he challenged, his eyes dark and stormy.

Self conscious of her nudity, Annie slid shyly from the bed. “I… are you sure?”

His face flared with amusement, only there was nothing funny about it. This was a darkly desperate situation, and even he, Giacomo Medici, renowned for his self-control, was powerless to stop what was happening. “I’ve never been more certain in my life.”

She darted her tongue out and licked her suddenly dry lips. Her fingers shook as, one by one, she unbuttoned his thick, cotton business shirt. She started at the top, and worked her way down, and as her fingers grazed his stomach, his muscles bunched beneath her touch. Tentatively, she pushed the shirt at the shoulders, until it fell from his well-built frame.

And he was every bit as strong as she’d fantasized. His chest muscles rippled beneath his golden tan, his arm muscles were pronounced. She gulped.

“You do not need to be nervous,” he said, watching as she pulled at his belt, and fumbled with the opening of his pants.

“I’m not,” she promised. “I’m just… overwhelmed.”

His eyes flared at her honesty. It was the perfect word for how he, too, felt. Along with blindsided, mystified, and side swiped.

“How old are you, cara?”

She bit down on her lip. “Twenty one.”

“So young.”

“How old are you?” She smiled distractedly as the pants finally gave way and dropped to his ankles. He stepped out of them, and then pulled off his own boxers. He was so impatient. So desperate for her.

“Older than you.”

Renewed guilt bubbled in his gut. He ignored it. So what if he was twelve years her senior? Twenty one was still old enough, he told himself. She was no teenager.

“How old?” She persisted.

“Old and wise enough to know how to drive you wild,” he promised huskily, lifting her up easily and putting her back on the bed. She went willingly. Her body was quivering with anticipation. She watched as he rolled a condom over his arousal, her heart racing for all sorts of reasons.

“You always drive me wild,” she murmured, reaching her hands up and running them down his face. He saw the emotion in her face. He would come to despise himself for not recognizing that she was in love with him, then. He acted with no thoughts for her emotions, and the guilt had become immense. But in that wonderful, heady moment, there was no guilt, and no shame; just pleasure to be had.

He kissed her again, because her mouth was irresistible, and her legs lifted, wrapping around his waist. She pulled him towards her, unconsciously clenching her thighs so that his arousal was teasing at the heart of her soul.

“Giac,” she called into the palatial bedroom, her voice shrill with desire.

He groaned. As he moved inside her, he knew he was closing some doors, and opening another, fantastic, life changing experience.

He froze, as he met an unmistakable barrier. “Annie?” He broke their kiss to stare down at her, his face ashen.

She flushed, shaking her head from side to side. “I’m fine. Don’t stop.”

He wanted to remonstrate with her; to ask why she hadn’t said anything. But Annie lifted her hips again, taking him deeper into her heavenly core. He swore as he thrust inside her. “I do not want to hurt you,” he promised against her ear.

“You won’t,” she smiled slowly, as the brief, sharp pain that had punctuated her first time with a man subsided. It left in its place only pleasure, and she reveled in the tide of enjoyment that was spreading through her body.

He moved with greater care than he knew he had the strength for. He watched as her body spasmed, her face colored, and she cried out, as a fierce orgasm ripped through her. She was so heavenly. He wanted so much more from Annie, but he was terrified of hurting her. It was then that he knew how serious he was about her. He had a real problem on his hands.

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