The Medici Mistress

By: Clare Connelly

“Are you okay?” He asked, holding his own orgasm at bay with effort.

“Okay?” She grinned up at him, in a way that made his heart ache. “I’m so much better than okay. I had no idea…”

He growled, lowering his head and nipping her sensitive flesh at the top of her breast with his teeth. She yelped and writhed at the same time. “You should have told me,” he said, moving into her once more.

“I didn’t think this was going to happen,” she pointed out, though speech was becoming difficult.

“Didn’t you?”

She blushed. “I hoped… that’s not the same thing as knowing.”

“No.” He thrust into her again, deep and hard, watching, fascinated, as she thrashed beneath him, her body wild with pleasure and sensation.

“That feels amazing,” she cried out, as again, he pushed into her hard, demanding total supplication.

“I was gentle with you, when I realized it was your first time. Now I truly want to own you,” he whispered. “Will you let me show you what our bodies can do?”

Excitement and adrenalin charged her body. She nodded wordlessly. When he thrust into her this time, she realized how much he’d been holding back. Her insides stretched to accommodate his length, her body bucked against his in immediate response to the foreign invasion. But her heart was thudding with pleasure and her mouth was wide, making strange, gurgling noises of delight as he drove her nearer and nearer to the edge.

“Come here,” he said firmly, breaking the connection only so that he could pull her towards the edge of the bed. He re-entered her from a standing position, lifting her buttocks off the mattress with his strong hands. He held her half aloft while he took possession of her. She had no idea how loudly she screamed when her body tipped over into an abyss of unimaginable pleasure. He followed her, his cry animalistic as he finally allowed himself the release he craved.

It took several moments for his breathing to return to normal. Finally, he looked down at her. She was so beautiful. The shred of anger and resentment he’d been feeling, at having unwittingly been pulled into service to relieve Annie of her cumbersome virginity, disappeared entirely.

“You should have told me,” he said again, reaching down and taking her hands in his.

She nodded, not quite meeting his eyes. “Are you… was there a problem?”

“A problem?” He pulled at her wrists, easing her into a standing position.

“I mean… didn’t you, um, enjoy that?”

His laugh was thick with surprise. “That is not what I meant.” He frowned, his heart unmistakably tender. “I enjoyed being with you, Annie Carlton. Very much.” Too much, he silently added. It was a feeling he knew he would never forget and always want. “But your first time should be special, not like this.”

“Oh.” Her hurt was so obvious, he might as well have stabbed her. He winced.

“I mean… Hell.” He dragged a hand through his thick hair and looked at her beseechingly. For the first time in his adult life, he was lost for words. “With someone you love. You know. A boyfriend.”

“Oh.” She said again. “I understand.”

“No.” He shook his head, swallowing past the pain that hurting her caused him. “You don’t.” He groaned, pulling her against his chest and stroking her hair. He could feel the frantic racing of her heart, and for some reason, it made him think of her as vulnerable and fragile. And she was. Completely vulnerable to a man like him. A man who was supposed to be getting married in just over a month. He thought of Carrie, and felt nothing. Nothing beyond loyalty and companionship, anyway. The woman in his arms caused his body to reverberate at a different frequency; he’d never known anything like it.

“This can’t go anywhere,” he said, to remind himself rather than her.


It was the third time she’d made the small, pathetic noise of acceptance, and he laughed despite the weight in his heart.

“Come. Let’s have a spa.”

Annie moved to follow him, but doubt was clouding her mind. What had she just done? Heck, it wasn’t like she had been saving herself. But she’d never thought she’d lose her virginity in a one night stand with a billionaire, who had no intention of sticking around, even for a little while.

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