The Pool Boy (A Romance Novella)

By: Penny Wylder

I can see the way her skin will streak with dirt and sweat, her nipples hardening under my lips and teeth. I can feel the heat of her as I pull my gloves off and press my fingers into her one by one, and I can imagine the tight exquisite pleasure as I sink deep inside her.

My dick is straining painfully against my jeans, and I’m more than tempted to take care of it right here in this little garden closet.

I think about vegetables. About cute animals. About being cold. Anything to get me to cool down. I took this job for the extra money, and I don’t want to get fired for jacking off next to the tools. If I’m going to get fired, it’s going to be for a better reason than that.

It takes a few minutes, but I manage to get the raging hard-on under control. I check the time—I have a couple of hours. I have more than enough time to clean the pool and get back across town in time. If I move fast I might be able to get some work done on the Mastersons’s house before the end of the day. I make sure all the landscaping tools are put away and head over to the pool shed. It made me laugh when Mike told me they had two sheds, but these kinds of houses always have more than they need.

The pool shed is infinitely nicer—it doubles as a changing room for guests. I grab the pH kit and the chemicals and the skimmer and head back out onto the patio—holy hell.

Vera is lying out next to the pool.

And that might be the smallest bikini I’ve ever seen.

Her eyes are closed as she basks in the sun and I take this moment to consume her without being observed. I let my gaze slide down her body, starting at her face and mouth and moving to her breasts, which are barely contained by that blue top. Her stomach is glistening, and I watch it rise and fall with her breath, trying very hard not to visualize my hands touching her everywhere. Finally my eyes land on her hips and the fact that her bathing suit bottom ties at the sides. I memorize the image—I’ll certainly be returning to it later.

My dick is stirring in my pants and I grit my teeth hard enough to crack to keep it down. Vera opens her eyes and sees me. A lazy smile plays across her face, and suddenly I feel like she’s wearing that just to tease me. Keep it together, man. You took this job for the money, not to get tangled up with a rich girl.

Vera stretches, her arms over her head, arching her back. Her tight belly contracts and her breasts thrust upward and I swear for a second I think they’re going to burst out of her suit.

Damn damn damn.

I move over to the pool. I can’t just stand here staring.

But I can see that Vera’s smiling at me, and I know she isn’t finished with me yet. I force myself to look away and get to work. If I can make it all the way through this week with my pants on, I’ll be lucky.



I own several bathing suits, none of which are nearly as skimpy as this one. But from the look on James’s face, it’s doing its job. I wanted him to look at me the way I looked at him—as absolutely delicious.

I stretch out on the chair, arching my back. It feels great after being hunched over working on the flowers. Plus, I know that James is watching me. It may be incredibly stupid, but I’m hoping my hitting on James gets back to my dad. It’s the perfect opportunity to piss him off. I’m old enough to know better, but the truth is, I want nothing more than to make my father angry. Maybe then he’ll feel the way I’ve been feeling for months.

I hear James clear his throat and move over to the pool. I watch him set the skimmer aside and kneel down with the plastic case that tests the chemicals.

“I’ll let you test that first so I know it’s safe for me to swim.”

He smiles just a little. “I’m sure it’s fine.”

“All the same,” I say, “I wouldn’t want to get soaking wet only to find out I was being poisoned.”

I put my hair back in a clip so I can keep it dry when I get in and lean back on my elbows, very aware that this position makes my body look damn good. The sun is reflecting off the pool and shining on James’s face and I think I could look at him all day. He takes a sample of the water and puts it in the tester, shaking the container gently.

“You said you were new,” I say. “When did you start?”

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