The Virgin Intern

By: Penny Wylder

My back arches off the bed as he sucks deeply, filling his mouth with my breast. Then he lets go, and I shiver in the absence of his mouth. That is until he moves to my other breast. “Oh my god,” I moan. I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner.

He leans up to kiss me, and the motion lets me feel his erection again, and now I’m freaking out because it feels huge and that thing is going to be inside me soon. But my body responds to his, arching up to meet him, and Andrew takes the hint. He scoops his hands under my ass and tilts my hips up to meet his, and now he’s thrusting against me through our clothes, his erection pressed against my clit. I’ve never been so angry at my own clothing before.

I don’t remember ever being so wet, and every crush of our hips together releases a burst of pleasure. So good. It feels so good, and I’m gasping for air between his kisses. I think I might come. But no, he’s stopped. Stopped everything. I open my eyes to find Andrew looking down at me, smiling like the devil. He kisses me slowly, never breaking eye contact, and then he moves. Hips lips are on my throat, my collarbone, and lower. He weaves a path between my breasts and across my stomach, pausing to lick a circle around my belly button. Then he’s reached my skirt and I’m so nervous and thrilled and scared that I feel like I’m vibrating.

Andrew works my skirt down my hips, and I help it along by kicking it all the way off. He’s standing at the end of the bed now, and suddenly I realize just how close to naked I am. I sit up, instinct telling me to make myself smaller, to cover myself. I should say something, anything about the way I’m feeling, but I’m not sure I know how to communicate right now. Because Andrew just took off his pants. I’ve never seen a man naked before, not standing right in front of me like this, and if I could imagine a perfect cock, this one would win. It’s long and thick, standing out from his body at full attention. My first thought is that it’s mesmerizing. My second thought comes rushing out of my mouth before I can stop it: “There’s no way that’s going to fit inside me.”

That devilish smile sweeps across his face and he laughs. “It will, don’t worry.” He kneels in front of me, and his hands stroke my arms. I hadn’t even realized that I crossed them over my chest. “You’re still nervous,” he says.

“So nervous. Ridiculously and tremendously nervous.”

His laugh is soft. “You’re allowed to be nervous, but you don’t have to be. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m going to make you feel so good you’ll forget you were ever nervous.”

He lifts my hands away from my chest and places them on his shoulders. I can’t help it, I fan my fingers out, feeling as much skin as possible, and move my hands into his hair. It’s soft and damp and I could spend an hour running my hands through it. His hands are busy too. They’re at my hips, and he has his fingers in the waistband of my underwear. He works them down, sliding them slowly from under me, down my legs and off my feet. Then with a wink he tosses them behind him, and I’m naked. I’ve never been naked with a man before.

My heart kicks into a higher gear. This is real. I want this, I want him, but it’s so much. I take a shaky breath as he leans up to kiss me. He presses me back onto the bed, and then he’s gone, still kneeling, and he’s pushing my legs apart. My entire body flushes with embarrassment that he’s looking at my pussy, entirely open. I barely have time to think the thought before his tongue is on me, one slow stroke from bottom to top. I’m already soaking, but I can feel myself getting wetter. He licks me again, teasing my clit before moving down to my opening, and I groan. He hums against my clit, and the vibrations make me shudder.

“You taste so good,” he says, closing his mouth over me and sucking, grazing my clit with his teeth. Every time I imagined being with a man, I never thought it would be like this. The slide of his mouth across me is pulling pleasure from every one of my nerves, and it’s all swirling down and gathering between my legs. My hips start to move, thrusting up to meet his mouth, and he matches the rhythm, pushing his tongue inside me. He pulls my legs over his shoulders and suddenly it feels like his mouth is everywhere. His tongue is brushing my thighs and stroking my clit, his lips pressing me down and pulling me open, his teeth grazing.

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