The Virgin Promise

By: Penny Wylder

The way his hands are on my waist is adding to my heat, and the way he’s looking down at me as we dance makes me want to pull him closer, if that were possible.

Carter spins me again, this time slowly, and it’s almost like I can feel his eyes on my body as I turn. I can’t say that I don’t like it. I’ve never felt like this before, this kind of wanting more of someone else. Maybe I’ve been so busy keeping every guy away that I never thought about how it might feel.

He pulls me in, his chest against my back, and his hands roam across my waist as our hips move in time with the music. There’s something stiff against my back, and I’m not sure—

Oh my god.

All the blood rushes to my face, and I freeze for a second, realizing that Carter, behind me, is hard. I’ve never felt an erection before, but there’s nothing else that this could possibly be. But that’s not the most startling part. The startling part is that I don’t mind it. I like knowing that I made him react like this. It makes me feel gorgeous and sexy and alive. Things that could easily get me into trouble and might lead to me breaking the pact. I should find Kara and see if she’s ready to leave. I came here to keep her out of trouble, not get into some myself.

I step away from Carter quickly—too quickly, and I try to ignore the flash of hurt and confusion on his face. I lean up to his ear and say something about needing to find the bathroom, ducking quickly through the crowd of dancers before he can stop me. It’s better this way. If I leave now, he won’t be as disappointed that something can’t happen between us. Leading him on just wouldn’t be fair.

But, as I head up the stairs, I can’t ignore the sick feeling in my stomach that feels too much like regret.


The bathroom isn’t hard to locate, and thankfully it’s empty. The mirror tells me that I’m flushed and excited—a confirmation that I made the right decision regardless of the way my stomach feels.

I splash some water on my face before I leave, hoping it will help clear my head and cool me down. Time to find Kara. I don’t think she’s up here—upstairs at these parties means sex, which is something she’d try to avoid at all costs. Heading back down the hallway towards the stairs, I hear a moan come from my left.

The door is open a crack, and I can hear more movement inside. Trying to be as quiet as possible, I press my face to the crack in the door. The room is mostly dark, but I can still see what’s happening. A couple is having sex. They’re both naked on the bed, limbs tangled. The guy’s on top, hips thrusting smoothly into his partner. The sight is like a shock to my senses. I knew people had sex at parties, but seeing it is completely different. This is the first time I’ve ever seen real sex. I mean sex in person. There was that porn I watched a couple times, but I felt so guilty afterward that I decided it wasn’t worth it anymore. But this is...different. This is exciting.

I feel myself heat with a blush. There’s pressure in my core and a sudden wanting. I’m getting wet, my body reacting viscerally to the sight in front of me. I’ve touched myself before, always wondering what the real thing would feel like. My body is tingling, nipples hardening against my shirt. I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be in that girl’s place. I imagine the heat on my skin, and the pleasure…

I can feel the energy in the room, the way they’re so wrapped up in each other that nothing else matters. That same warm feeling from the dance floor takes over my body, and I realize that I want that. I want to know what that feels like—to be lost in someone. I imagine what it would be like to be on that bed, aware that the house is full of people that could walk in any second. I want to want someone that much that I would take that kind of risk for them, and they would do it for me.

The girl gasps as he thrusts into her, and I jerk back from the door, suddenly realizing that I’m being a creeper. I shouldn’t be watching them. If it were me, I wouldn’t like to know that I was spied on by a random party-goer. I turn to continue towards the stairs and freeze again. Carter is at the top of the stairs, watching me.

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