The Virgin Promise

By: Penny Wylder

Carter’s body presses me into the bed, and I can feel him lined up with me at every point—chest, hips, legs. Just like on the dance floor, he’s hard. I smile through our kiss, because I’m not running away from it. I like having this kind of power.

His hips press into mine, and my body moves in response, legs moving apart. He moves again, and the hardness of him presses against me...there. I gasp into his mouth because it feels like something just exploded. I’ve been here before but not like this. This is something more. Every time his hips push into me, that unnamable pleasure builds a little more. I didn’t know it could feel this good even with our clothes still between us.

Carter’s fingers stroke across my ribs, trailing across my stomach to the top of my jeans. Oh. I want him to touch me, I want him to go further, not to stop. He doesn’t. His hand slips under the fabric of my panties, and god—the feeling is pure heaven. I’ve never had anyone touch me there but myself and it’s SO much better.

I touch him, reaching for his belt and fumbling in the dark. He’s so hard, even through the fabric, and I can tell he’s big. Oh god, could that even fit inside me? What if it hurts too much? Am I really going to do this? Carter makes a low sound as my fingers rub over him, so I do it again. I manage to get his belt open, but no further, because suddenly his fingers are there.

He’s stroking around me, every touch on my clit feels like lightning.

There’s a smile in his words. “You’re wet. I guess you did want to be part of the action.”

His finger slips inside me, and I freeze, all thoughts of a witty comeback gone. I’ve never had anything but a tampon inside me—I’ve always been too afraid to do it myself. It feels strange and amazing. Carter stops, noticing how I froze up, and I force myself to relax. I pull his head to mine and kiss him. I want him to keep going, I want to see how this feels.

He eases his finger in and out, slowly dragging it against me, and my body is shuddering with the new sensation. It doesn’t hurt at all. I thought it might. But then, his finger isn’t that big. Carter curls his finger up, and strokes the inside of me, and I gasp. It’s like he’s touched directly on a pleasure nerve and it drags a moan out of me.

He chuckles, low and sexy, and just that sound turns me on even more. “G marks the spot.”

Oooh. Through the haze of him teasing me I remember reading about the G-spot. Where has that been all my life? Carter’s lips are on my neck, and he’s working me a little faster, my hips lifting to meet his hand. No one has ever given me an orgasm before, and there’s another rush of wetness at the thought.

I reach for him again, this time getting his belt open, then his pants, and I can feel the heat of him. Oh god, I’m really going to do this. Nervous energy and adrenaline fill my stomach. It feels like when you’re about to do something you can’t wait for, but at the same time, you’re terrified, like bungee jumping. And then there’s the pulses of pleasure from his clever fingers, one still stroking inside me while his thumb is on my clit.

“Carter,” I say, arching up into him.

“Yeah.” His voice is rough.

I’m about to tell him that there are too many clothes between us, that I want him to keep going. But laughter from outside the door filters through, and it’s like a bucket of ice water has been dumped on my head. It’s Kara. Her voice is muffled. “I’ll be right back, I just want to see if she’s in the bathroom.”

Kara is looking for me. If she walks in here and sees me about to have sex with Carter, she’ll be...either furious enough to kill me or heartbroken. I’m not sure which one would be worse. I push up on Carter’s chest. “Wait.”

He freezes instantly, breaking our kiss.

“I can’t do this.”

In the dim light coming from under the door, I can see the barest hint of his features, and they look confused. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I thought you wanted—”

“I did,” I say quickly. “I do...I just can’t.”

He’s still over me, close enough that our breath mingles as he speaks. “I don’t understand. What’s wrong?”

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