The Billionaire's Ballet (Friends with Benefits)

By: Deanna Roy

He picked up my hand and pressed it with his against my chest. “It’s all right here.”

This time I leaned into him first, and there was no gentleness to this kiss. It was more than a meeting of our lips, but a collision of need.

His mouth sought mine, hungry, devouring.

I wanted closer to him, so close. During a dance, my body was often tucked against my partner, and often we moved like we were one person. I wanted this with Bennett. To be that incredibly together.

He pulled me up against him and I turned to face him on his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist.

I tugged at his stiff jacket, pushing it off his shoulders and tossing it away.

His shirt was soft and silky, so well made. I ran my hands along it, my skin humming with the touch of the smooth fabric.

I unbuttoned it with speed and agility. Despite all that had happened in his office that day, I had seen nothing of him.

I wanted to discover him.

He also wore a thin white shirt, too fine to be cotton. I felt the muscles of his chest beneath the coolness of it, but impatiently grasped the bottom and pulled it over his head.

Now I had his skin. I could not stop touching him, the bulging shoulders, the corded neck, the ripple of his abs.

When I reached for his belt, he broke the kiss, his breath ragged. No longer content to let me do all the work, he twisted us around until I was on my back on the bed. Before I realized what was happening, the wraparound skirt was gone and my shirt had flown across the room.

I was down to panties and the silver slippers.

Bennett moved over me, his hands and mouth everywhere, branding my skin. I arched my back as he brought a breast to his tongue. I could think of nothing, nothing but the need and pleasure sparking through me like an electric current.

“I have thought of this every day since I last saw you,” he said, his voice low. “I’m going to do everything that’s tortured me.”

He jerked my panties down. His fingers slid between my thighs and his mouth soon followed, anguished, determined, hot.

I lunged upward on the bed, increasing the pressure, my hands in his hair. I was so lost. I could barely breathe.

He pushed me up just like he had before, expertly drawing me into the passion he was feeling, until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Bennett, please,” I begged.

He withdrew only his hand, still nipping at me with his mouth. I heard his shoes fall off the edge of the bed, and his pants slid to the floor with a jingle.

Then he was over me, face next to mine. “Condom?” he asked.

“Pill,” I said.

And he was inside me, splitting me wide so hard and fast that I cried out.

He braced on one elbow, his other hand on my cheek, watching me. “I want to hear you again,” he said. “I’ve heard that sound over and over again in my dreams.”

I held on to his waist, the rapid motion of him over me making the world tilt. He reached between us, teasing the nub as he worked, and there was no holding anything back. I called for him as the orgasm rocked me, tears coming down, the world exploding.

Bennett slid his arm beneath me and held me tightly against him. His body rocked into mine, pressing more deeply, moving with me more perfectly than any dance. Then he groaned next to my ear and held still, flooding me with warmth and wet.

I clutched at him, breathing hard, trying to right my vision and find the ground again.

My braids were tumbling down, and Bennett released the pins, then laid me back on the bed. He fell beside me and I turned to curl into him.

We stayed that way a while, letting our breathing slow. Outside our room, doors opened and closed. The elevator dinged. The world intruded.

“I see why you buy out entire floors,” I said finally.

He laughed. “You want me to take over this one?”

I pushed on his chest. “And kick out all the neighbors we just annoyed?”

He pulled me close. “Let them be annoyed.”

I lifted a leg to show off my silver shoes. “I just had sex with slippers on.”

“That’s one way to break them in,” Bennett said.

I snuggled into his neck. “How did this happen?” I asked.

His voice was low and heavy with emotion. “It was so damn hard watching you dance up there. I wanted to join you onstage. I wanted to be the one to hold your hand and turn you in a circle.”

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