The Escape

By: Alice Ward


She needed to escape. I needed to be saved.

Like an angel, Madalyn Durand swoops into my life, rescuing my little girl while I fight for my son. And how is she thanked for her bravery? By having every damn thing she owns taken from her.

Even in her most desperate hour, she’s perfect. Majestic. Me? I’m nothing like her. I’ve failed. At my marriage, at being a dad. I made the Hottest Billionaire Bachelors list, but I can’t protect my kids.

Then I get a second chance.

When my children need me the most, I become a full-time dad, and Madalyn, like some miracle, is by my side. What I didn’t count on was how she would feel in my arms. Under me. Next to me. Maybe forever.

But someone else wants her forever too. Someone she tried to escape, but who won’t set her free.

Can I save her from this evil? Can I save my kids? Myself?

*** This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included. ***


In this story, the countries of Aldcliff and Cesacaia are both fictional and come only from my imagination. In every country, there is good and there is evil just as there is good and evil in all of us. I, in no way, wanted to label any specific country as tyrannical. Here’s to peace and romance in all countries, both real and fiction.



“Yes, she will do nicely.”

Through willpower alone, I suppressed a shudder as my future husband lifted my chin and scrutinized my features. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he asked me to open my mouth so that he could inspect my teeth. I dreaded what he would be free to inspect in three months’ time, after our… I swallowed hard. After our wedding.

I jerked my face away from his increasingly tighter grip, but he just grinned, looking genuinely pleased. “Ah, you show some backbone. Unexpected…” he leaned closer, his breath hot against the side of my face, “but I like that.” His nostrils flared, as did the black pupils within his almost equally black eyes. “Fight me, Princess. It’s exciting. But be warned, I fight back.”

Refusing to look away from him, refusing to show weakness, I forced my breath to remain steady as his fingers trailed down my arm. Nausea roiled in my belly, but I refused to allow my distress to show. I couldn’t. No, I wouldn’t. Even though one question rang in my ears.

How had it come to this?

As the fifth daughter of Phillipe and Jacqueline Birgitta, King and Queen of Aldcliff, I had been born with one purpose… to marry well. After daring to be born a female, my entire existence had been formed and molded into creating the perfect wife to any man my father deemed a suitable match.

But this?

Only hours before, my father had told me in no uncertain terms that this man would be my destiny, and that his ties to the Cesacaia fortune were too great for my “antics” to get in the way.

“You are nearly twenty-one, my dear, and I’ve allowed your diversion of your royal duties to go on for far too long,” Papa said after I’d been abruptly woken. “You will fulfill your duties. The contract has been signed. It is done.”

I had been hastily bathed and dressed in the body covering lace dress I currently found myself in. The dress itself was a contradiction, covering me from chin to ankle to wrist, although it clung to my every curve, challenging the purist feel of the morning gown.

After I was properly prepared, I’d been presented to the man before me.

The man I knew was my worst fear come true.

My four older sisters had been lucky. They were matched well and appeared to be happy with the lives chosen for them. Well… if not happy, then content. I’d seen them all only a month before, when they and their growing families had traveled back for my father’s birthday celebration. It had been quite the event, the King of Aldcliff turning fifty. Heads of State from all over Europe had descended on our small island to wish him well. Photographs of the event had swept across the globe, or so I’d been told.

From what I’d since learned, the photographs of me were what had captured Prince Vitalievich’s attention. He just so happened to be in the market for another bride. And I just so happened to be on the seller’s block.

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