Twisted Bonds

By: Cora Reilly

He pushed to his feet, pocketed his phone then shrugged. “He’s not listening to me and I’m tired of hearing his whining. I’m off to meet Diego and Mick. I won’t be back until after midnight. After all, I have to take my fucking elsewhere and I don’t want those girls in my wing.”

I continued toward the front pool then thought better of it and headed for our recreational pool landscape. After I’d stripped down to my swim trunks, I dove in and emerged at the other end of the oval where Savio’s flamingo float bobbed on the surface. I shoved it out of the pool before I began swimming rounds, even though the pool wasn’t practical for that.

In my peripheral vision, movement caught my attention and I stopped my swimming and stood. Kiara was strolling toward me, a towel wrapped around her middle to protect her modesty.

Her smile was secretive when she stopped at a sunchair and dropped her towel, revealing a red bikini.

It was a very pleasing, albeit surprising, sight. I doubted she’d owned it before becoming my wife. The tiny bottom was held on Kiara’s beautiful hips by two ribbons, and the material covered only half of her round ass cheeks. The bikini top didn’t cover much more, giving a tantalizing view at Kiara’s ample breasts.

I’d been hungry for her since yesterday and this wasn’t helping.

“It’s new. I ordered it online. I thought you might appreciate it.”

“Appreciation isn’t a strong enough word for what your body is doing to me, Kiara,” I murmured.

She laughed, moved toward the pool and sank down on its edge, dipping her legs into the water. It was comfortably warm, even for someone with a higher sensitivity to cold like Kiara, which was why I’d chosen it instead of the deeper, square pool. I swam over to her, unable to stop admiring her, then propped my hands up on the edge and pushed myself out of the water to steal a kiss from Kiara. She responded with a soft gasp and opened her legs when I applied more pressure with my hips, allowing me to slide between them and press my erection against her pussy.

Kiara pulled away, eyes wide as they searched our surroundings. “We shouldn’t do this. Someone might see us.”

The neighbors were too far away to see us and my brothers would enjoy the show. I didn’t care if someone watched us. In the past I’d found it stimulating to have people watch me having sex, but Kiara was more conservative due to her upbringing. I stole another kiss then lowered myself back into the water. Before I moved out from between Kiara’s legs, I pressed a firm, lingering kiss to the red fabric covering her pussy. She exhaled, then bit her lip, her expression filling with the same desire that burnt me up.

“How deep is it?” She gestured at the water.

“The pool has different depths. Here it reaches my chin, so you won’t be able to stand, but back where the waterfall is it’s only about chest level for me, and over at the staircase it’s flat but getting steeper quickly.”

Kiara glided into the water slowly, clinging to the edge with a white-knuckled grip. I gripped her waist. “I have you. I’ll make sure you don’t go under.”

She released the edge only to grip my shoulders with the same fervor. I carried her through the water, floating on her belly, allowing her to get used to the feel of it, to relax. Eventually Kiara began to move her legs and she could have swum on her own but I was reluctant to release her. One of my hands glided down her body, taking in the curve of her ass, before I slipped two fingers under her bikini bottoms and began stroking her. She was slightly aroused.

“Nino,” she warned. I kept rubbing her folds and clit, lowering her slightly into the water so she felt less on display.

“Keep swimming,” I said as I circled her clit slowly. Her eyes flitted to me uncertainly. “Nobody can see us. But if you want me to stop, I will.” I really thought she’d enjoy it if she’d allow herself, but I wouldn’t push Kiara past her limits, not with her hurtful past. She didn’t say anything and I kept teasing her until I could feel her become slicker. Kiara’s strokes became less coordinated and she kept swallowing water when she moaned. “Turn over.”

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