Unbridled and Unforgiven:Clay's Story

By: Elle Saint James

The Double Rider Men’s Club 12

Double Rider Men’s Club security badass Clayton Forrester discovers surprising information about his wife’s murder from eight years ago. Pursuing the truth puts him in the killer’s sights, and he gets protection from attractive government agent Angelica Morrow, whether he likes it or not. Clay can take care of himself, but she makes a compelling pitch, and more importantly, he wants her in his life.

Angelica Morrow’s had a crush on Clay since she secretly read his impressive former covert ops file. Keeping him safe will be a huge triumph professionally, if only she can control her libido until the job is over.

Jake Salerno is ready to retire from his covert career, settle down at the DRMC with Clay and a permanent woman to enjoy their ménage lifestyle. But Clay’s in trouble and a previously shared, botched mission keeps Jake from trusting Clay’s sexy new bodyguard.

Can Clay escape the killer to make a life with Angelica and Jake?


There are several people I’d like to dedicate this book to.

First, I’d like to dedicate this book to my family. They are endlessly supportive of me as I spin tales of erotic romance, even when they order pizza for dinner yet again.

I’d also like to thank my writer friends, near and far, for their enthusiastic brainstorming and fabulous ideas to help me absolutely whenever I need it, day or night, rain or shine. You all rock.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the fans who’ve written to me with seemingly boundless excitement over this book. Clay’s story is near and dear to my heart, thank you for waiting so patiently.



Clayton Damien Forrester looked through the smoky glass at the handcuffed assassin, Demetrius Barkova, and cracked the knuckles of both hands. The man who’d changed his life forevermore sat quietly waiting. The orange jumpsuit was expected. The blasé expression on the killer’s face was not. Clay had thought the man would be a little more concerned for his own dire current circumstances. Perhaps he was a good actor, hiding his true frightened feelings behind a mask of indifference. Whatever.

Unclenching his fingers, unconsciously fisted as he studied the prisoner, Clay tried to pretend that this meeting was no big deal. That it didn’t matter.

But it did matter. He wanted this. No. He needed this.

Needed to finally put his tragic history to rest. It was long past time. A simple who did it and a possible follow-up of why was all he wanted to know. He suspected once he learned the identity of the person who’d wanted him dead, the why would become inherently clear.

Barkova looked straight ahead into the two-way mirror, his gaze fixed seemingly on the dead center of the glass. The man looked like he didn’t have a care in the world. Like he wasn’t a guest in the only fully supermax prison facility in the country.

The guard on duty—a tall, lanky young man with dark hair and an expression that said he disagreed with the boon of Clay’s visit—unlocked the door. “You got five minutes. And I’ll be timing you.”

“Thanks.” But I won’t need that much.

Clay would have to do his damnedest to keep from punching Barkova’s teeth straight into his brain during this short timed conversation. But he wanted the information far more than retribution, so he took a deep breath to calm his rage.

“You know the rules for this, right? No touching the prisoner, no giving him anything, not even a ball-point pen, etcetera, etcetera.”

Clay nodded. He knew the rules, but it didn’t mean he intended to follow them to the letter.

Every favor he’d ever owed anyone at any time anywhere in his entire lifetime thus far had been cashed in for this single chance.

He’d waited literally years for this opportunity. His wife’s murderer sat in a metal folding chair at a plain metal table with an extra chair placed directly opposite. But Clay didn’t intend to sit down.

Last chance. Only chance. So don’t fuck up.

Initially, Demetrius Barkova had been placed into federal custody after being captured for the attempted murder of Ava Campbell, soon to be Ava Westfall-Markham. She was about to marry Clay’s good friends Declan Westfall and Troy Markham. Analysis of explosive residue from Ava’s destroyed house was later connected to Clay’s wife’s murder. Ironically, he’d been within punching distance of Barkova’s unconscious body directly after Ava had been rescued. Clay wished he’d had the gift of clairvoyance to understand the role Barkova had played in his history back then.

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