Unbridled and Untethered

By: Elle Saint James

She understood exactly how the Double Rider Men’s Club worked. Two men fucking one woman in view of others who enjoyed the same pleasures. And probably the exhibitionism aspect of the lifestyle came after watching other threesomes fuck each other.

Emma Rae wouldn’t have any problem watching others have sex. Looking at people having sex simply made her want to come. In her fantasy sexual world, she also wouldn’t care if others watched her wildly fucking two men until they all reached screaming climaxes.

However, fantasy wasn’t reality.

Her ultimate problem wasn’t that anyone might watch her having wild, wicked threesome sex with two men so much as it was learning to even trust getting naked with the two men she was fucking. What if they didn’t like what she liked? What if they insisted they knew best for her in all aspects of her private and public life? What if they hurt her in the heat of the moment, trying to prove their male superiority? What if they fucked her ass before she was ready? She shivered.

A memory of being locked away in a dark place surfaced briefly before she could stuff it back down again. The recall of the ominous threat hurled through the door regarding her virgin ass shook her from the dark path of a past life. No need to go there. She’d escaped. She was free.

Emma Rae opened her eyes again. She heaved a sigh. If even the idea of only one man scared her into remaining single, two would definitely send her over the edge.

Angry that her past troubles with men seemed so difficult to overcome, she snapped her robe shut and marched off to her room. Snuggling deeply into her large bed all alone, Emma Rae sighed, wishing for the strength to trust her judgment with men. As more time passed from the unpleasantness of her past, she realized she was possibly more lonely than scared.

Should she give men another try instead of satisfying her increasingly potent urges alone? She dozed off without discovering a firm answer.

In the night, Emma Rae found herself dreaming about both Zeke and Luke again. They plied her with smiles and good behavior and touched her in ways she’d missed from the opposite sex.

Emma Rae eventually woke in the night fevered with desire, unable to go back to sleep until she’d retrieved her battery-operated boyfriend. She relieved herself for a second time of the immense ache created by two men she didn’t even know.

Chapter Three

Zeke entered the bank in a rush, barely paying attention to any of the patrons inside. He didn’t really have time to go inside the bank but needed cash. Unfortunately, the ATM around the corner was out of service. Someone had tried to either bash the crap out of the machine or possibly open it up the hard way with a brick or another heavy square object. Either way, if he wanted money, he was getting it from a teller inside the bank today.

He hurried inside the building, hoping there wasn’t a noontime crowd. There were loads of files on his desk needing attention before the end of the day. He didn’t want to have to work late, however the delay right now would likely warrant it.

He and his best friend Luke Benton were scheduled to play poker tomorrow night with several other DRMC members. The standing game, held on the first Friday of the month, was supposed to be a boys’ night only with cigars, poker, and high-end booze all night long. He couldn’t wait. His workload had been weighty of late, and he needed to blow off some steam. After work tomorrow, he was heading straight to the poker game.

He took his first quick step inside the main branch of his bank and surveyed customers already inside to see how long it might take. Not too bad. Only four people in line. He launched forward, headed to the end of the line before anyone else beat him there. He put his focus on the last person in line and took a second fast step in that direction. Female, blonde, hair cut short, petite, shapely body, impatience written all over her posture. He could relate to that himself. Perhaps she’d been waylaid by the smashed ATM, as well.

As his gaze zeroed in on his target, the hair stood on end at the back of his neck. The woman at the end of the line looked familiar. She turned to one side, and he caught a quick glimpse of her profile. He almost skidded to an exaggerated halt on the shiny marble bank floors like a stunned cartoon character on Saturday-morning television show.

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