Unbridled and Untethered

By: Elle Saint James

What would it be like to have two men touching her sensuously, kissing her soulfully, and bringing her off repeatedly until she screamed her voice raw?

Beneath the silk robe she wore, her nipples hardened in response to the mere fantasy of two men stroking her flesh. She opened her eyes halfway, looked down at her parted robe, and caught a flash of one pert nipple as the silk fell across her sensitive tip.

Warm all of a sudden, she leaned back in her desk chair and opened the garment wide, exposing herself. She didn’t have a bad body. Her breasts weren’t medically enhanced, but still, she was a bit more than a handful. She sent her palms across her heated flesh from collarbone to breasts to thighs and back again. Heart pounding suddenly in anticipation, she stroked herself, pinched her nipples, and weighed each breast in her own hands to determine their likability. Even touching her own nipples felt incredibly good. Having someone else stroke her could almost bring her to climax. Almost.

Closing her eyes once more, she allowed her hands to mimic what she imagined two men might do given free rein. What if one suckled at her breast and the other put his mouth between her legs to suck her clit? A rush of heat exploded in the center of her body. A moan escaped before she realized she intended to make a sound.

She licked her fingers and brushed moist pads over her pert nipple. It grew harder and even more sexually sensitive. With Zeke’s face planted firmly in her mind, she squeezed her aching nipple between thumb and forefinger, sending several potent spasms of pleasure on a direct path to her pussy.

Without realizing she’d even moved a limb, her other hand found its way between her thighs. She widened her legs. Juice from her pussy spilled out onto her fingers as she stroked her sensitive lower lips. Her clit suddenly ached with insatiable need. She shot two fingers into her body to gather slick fluid.

Brushing the tip of her forefinger across her clit only once nearly brought her to release. A rush of air expelled from her lungs suddenly, and helped calm her down. She wanted this to last a bit longer. Glancing down at her own hands, she tried to imagine the shadowy mental picture of her dream lovers, Zeke and Luke, using their strong male hands to bring an orgasm.

Her eyes closed again. She pictured what it might be like to be sandwiched between two firmly muscled men, their wiry chest hair exciting her sweat-slicked flesh both in front of her and behind. Then one would kneel before her, push his face between her legs, and flick his tongue quickly across her clit to tease and stimulate. His tousled hair bobbing sensuously between her open legs would send thudding pleasure through her body. Zeke. The five-o’clock shadow from his jaw brushing along her inner thighs and tantalizing her even more as he continued licking her clit and shoving his firm tongue deeply inside her pussy. He’d lick her hard and fast, building her climax until she wanted to scream the walls down with her release. But he wouldn’t let her come too fast, so he’d ease back, keeping her balanced on that razor’s edge of almost orgasm.

Luke, behind her, his strong, naked chest pressing into her shoulder blades, would reach around and place his strong rancher’s hands on her breasts. He’d squeeze her nipples mercilessly and repeatedly to mindless pleasure as Zeke tongued her hard and fast then light and slow.

The picture in her mind was set. Two men working in tandem to make her come. The pleasure from her own hands as this fantasy played out suddenly pushed her near the edge of gratification. One more flick of her finger below and a last pinch of her nipple sent her careening into oblivion. Her body stiffened. Her eyes flew open. She moaned at the ceiling as a strong climax pulsed through her body. Her pussy clenched hard again and again, signaling its final pleasure. She held herself rigid for several seconds before the gratification crested and she slowly slumped against her chair.

Breathing hard from her efforts, she closed her eyes again and relaxed further against her office chair. After making her come, what would two handsome, virile men want to do next? They’d both want to fuck her. One in front and one in back. Double penetration.

Her ardor cooled quickly now that she was satisfied. Two men in her body together was too much to contemplate. She couldn’t quite fathom ever taking a man into her ass let alone having another fuck her pussy at the same time.

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