Unspoken Desire:Montana Double Riders 3

By: Elle Saint James

Montana Double Riders 3

Abigail Dixon wants Zane Washburn arrested for bank fraud, but his identity has been stolen and he's innocent. Promptly turning the tables and requiring a kiss to get out of the Old West Town's jail, where he's a deputy, Zane falls for her. The kiss they share ignites their lust, and when trouble finds Abby again, Zane gets his best friend and Old West Town's saloon owner, Cooper Mackay, to not only help her out of trouble, but to also get her into their bed for a few weeks.

Their menage lifestyle intrigues Abby and makes Zane and Cooper contemplate permanence for the first time ever. Unfortunately, her past catches up with her, and it may very well tear them all apart. They don't want to lose her, but she has something to prove, and they haven't yet promised her forever.

Chapter One

Old West Town, Enclave, Montana

Abigail Dixon wanted Zane Washburn’s blood with a fury she could barely contain. Putting his head on a spike was probably way over the top, but that gruesome notion had also crossed her mind.

Fuming with aggravation over what he’d done—during every moment of her two-hour drive to Enclave—put ominous incentive into each footfall she took toward the sheriff’s office.

She was hot for retribution, and ready to take Zane Washburn down. More specifically, she wanted him cooling his heels in jail. She just had to find him in this Old West Town first.

When she bought her ticket to enter the authentically recreated Western amusement park where Zane worked, she had clenched her teeth into a grin and pretended to be his most ardent fan. She asked where he might be located so she could get an autograph. The unsuspecting cashier told her that Zane could usually be found inside the sheriff’s office or outside in the streets nearby.


Perhaps she could get the Old West Town’s sheriff to help her with the citizen’s arrest she planned. But if not, that was fine. She had enough fire in her belly to accomplish the task all on her own. Her quarry didn’t stand a chance.

Scanning the area in front of the sheriff’s office, she finally spotted the man she searched for in the growing crowd at the Old West Town amusement park. Ignoring the fact that he was even more attractive than the picture she’d seen on the Internet, Abby moved toward him as anger punctuated each heel-striking, hard step she took.

She kept her gaze solidly on his tall, wide-shouldered form, and marched forward, intent on getting his attention. She’d call him to the carpet—or rather the dusty ground—for all his crimes and make damned certain that he understood her fury before making a well-deserved apprehension. Hauling him back to Miser, Montana, to face his part in the incident from this very morning had been the only item circulating in her brain all day.

Zane Washburn might be tall, muscular, and handsome, but he had also participated in a fraudulent loan scam at the bank where she worked. She’d been blamed for signing off on a loan document that she’d never even seen before this morning.

Currently, she was suspended from her job pending further investigation for an act she’d had nothing to do with. Zane’s name was on the paperwork. He’d gotten the money. But he probably hadn’t done this alone.

Number two on her to-do list was her plan to make him tell her who he’d worked with and bring that person to justice, as well. It might not help her get her job back, but she couldn’t sit back and do nothing. Her life was teetering on the edge of complete devastation. She wanted to retaliate. No. She wanted justice. Well, maybe both.

Abby wasn’t going to let this man get away with any part of ruining her life. Using only the slimmest of clues provided by an unverified source, she’d left her apartment and high-tailed it here with anger and determination as a beacon guiding her impulsive actions.

Well, that, and the handy Internet information she seen with the help of the paperwork she’d glimpsed at as her life had crumbled around her. Amazingly, she had just found the man who’d ruined her life in mere moments this very morning. And she planned to make him pay. Dearly.

Her current nemesis ambled along the dusty streets like he didn’t have a care in the world. Abby was about to change that in an instant. Just like her life had changed in practically the blink of an eye less than eight hours ago.

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