Whisper Of Attraction (Whisper Lake #3)

By: Melanie Shawn

Welcome to Whisper Lake!

Whisper Lake is a spinoff of our bestselling Crossroads series. This cozy, Midwest, tourist town is home to Stone Castle (which is widely believed to be haunted) *insert spooky “oooOOOooo” here*, The Needlepoint Mafia (a knitting club run by three matchmaking “Dons” that may look like sweet, little old ladies, but prove that looks can be deceiving), seasonal festivities that include a Kissing Booth “manned” by dogs…get it…manned, and a lot of well-meaning, meddling folks that love keeping our heroes and heroines on their toes.


The entire Whisper Lake series is dedicated to all the romance authors out there who give me endless hours of escape, entertainment, and therapy! Each book is going to highlight three authors that are near and dear to my heart and inspire me to write sassy, fun-loving, swoon-worthy love stories that (I hope) are filled with humor, heart, and heat. Most of you know who you are (because I fangirl SO HARD!) but now the world will know, too, because I am shouting it from the rooftops (and by rooftops I mean the dedication page).

Book three is dedicated to Violet Duke, Erin Nicholas, Samantha Chase, and Lucy Score. This lovely foursome of authors top my list of rereads. Once is NEVER enough when it comes to the stories these masters of romance craft. These women have the distinct honor of penning my FBS (fictional bestie squad). That’s right, I have a fictional group of best friends (don’t judge!)…actually it’s okay if you do, I have Delaney (Getting it All), Abby (Nice Girl To Love Trinity), Paige (One More Promise), and Catalina (The Christmas Fix) for support. They always got my back, lol. But seriously, the characters, towns, and families that these women create are so real that when I’m reading them I am a member of the Montgomery and Bennett family and I live in Cactus Creek and Blue Moon.

Whisper of Attraction has blatant shout-outs and hidden Easter eggs that Violet, Erin, Samantha, and Lucy fans (especially those that follow their social media) will be able to spot. If you haven’t read these bomb-diggity womens’ work, you need to! Everything they write is pure magic that will transport you to a world where you will laugh, cry, and fall madly in love. Happily Ever After Guaranteed!





Bubble Bath. Check.

Candles. Check.

Glass of wine. Check.

Music. Check.

Brynn Daniels glanced around her bathroom and saw that she had everything she needed to indulge in a rare, quiet evening alone.

Her Kindle was cued up with the latest Erin Nicholas book. She’d dropped a lavender aromatherapy tablet into the hot water that filled her tub. Flickering vanilla Yankee Candles illuminated the room and a generous pour of Roscato Rosé Dolce was flirting with her from beside the speaker that was playing her easy-listening Spotify list.

As the single mom of a thirteen-year-old boy, her two-bedroom, one-bath, eight-hundred-square-foot house was usually filled with the sounds of video games, music, sports, and other teenagers.

She didn’t mind the chaos or the tight quarters though. Heck, it was bigger than the five-hundred-square-foot apartment above the garage that she and Ryder had lived in until her mom had moved to Arizona. It did make her appreciate her alone time though.

Her ex-husband, Max, had surprised them both when he showed up earlier that afternoon and announced that he wanted to take Ryder camping. Technically, this wasn’t his weekend. Last weekend was his weekend, but it had been Labor Day and her ex had decided to go on an impromptu trip to Vegas. He often missed his weekends. Two weeks ago it was because of “a work thing” and two weeks before that it was because Max wasn’t feeling well.

In the twelve years that she and Max had been divorced, her baby daddy had only seen Ryder for his court-assigned visitations about a dozen or so times. Most of the time, just like this, he showed up out of the blue when he wasn’t scheduled to see him.

Thankfully, it didn’t seem to affect her son. Brynn worked hard and sacrificed a lot to provide a stable environment for Ryder. And, for the most part, she thought it had worked.

Ryder loved his dad and was happy to see him when he did. But he didn’t depend on him to keep his word. It was a healthy place for him to be, not that she was analyzing him which was a mortal sin. Oddly enough, her son didn’t appreciate her putting her master’s degree in psychology to use on him or his friends, go figure.

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