Wicked Design

By: Tina Donahue

“No, no, no. It’s not over.” Clover bounced on her butt. “Wait till you see this. It’s the best part. Shh.”

Soft, seductive music played. Her image materialized on the screen. With her back to the camera, she looked over her shoulder, her mouth pursed and pouty. “Tired of the same old routine?” She’d spoken breathily. “Let Clover Cuffs make you a star.”

The harsh lights flicked off. A black one snapped on.

Her white ink tat glowed between her shoulders, its geometric design exactly as Van Gogh had drawn. Stars shot from every direction, the spent ones drifting down.

“Holy shit.” Tor pointed his beer bottle at the screen. “When did you do that?”

Van Gogh shrugged. “After hours. We wanted to surprise you guys.”

“You did.” Jasmina gaped. “I want one of those.”

Clover’s mom nodded. “Me, too.”

“Sorry, guys, but no way.” Clover slipped her arm around Van Gogh’s shoulders. “This is a one-of-a-kind tat. Mine alone.”

Just like her guy and the future he’d promised then kept delivering.

They’d never belonged anywhere until they’d met. Together, they could face anything and win.

With each other, they’d found a home.

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