Wicked Whiskey Love

By: Melissa Foster

“But how does that work exactly? That sixth sense?” Sarah asked, but it came out like more of a plea, because she wanted to possess that skill desperately. Was she the only person in the world who didn’t have that knack, or were they just too naive to realize some people were masters at hiding their true colors? “How can you tell if someone is bad or good after just a couple of months?”

Bones, Bullet, and Truman exchanged an incredulous glance.

“All I need is about two minutes,” Bullet said.

“From what I’ve seen,” Sarah said, “people can change without warning.”

“That can happen,” Bones said in a serious tone. “And sometimes good people do bad things and then redeem themselves and make things right.”

He looked deeply into her eyes, and she wondered if he saw the dark memories of her past dragging her down. She was sure there was a special place in hell for men like her father and her ex. But what about people like her? She had to believe in redemption, at least in certain cases. If not, she was screwed.

“Don’t worry, darlin’,” Bones said. “You’re one of us now. We’d never let anything happen to you.”

“Thank you. That means the world to me, but I still wish I knew how to spot bad people.”

“I’ll show you.” He must have seen a modicum of relief in her eyes, because he slipped his arm around her waist, pulling her closer as he lowered his mouth beside her ear and said, “Not all types of bad are harmful. Some are very, very good.” Then he locked those dark eyes on hers, making her stomach go ten types of crazy, and said, “I can teach you to spot all kinds of bad.”

Her jaw dropped open, and he gave her an I didn’t mean to go so far but I sort of did crooked grin that made her almost laugh.

“Down, bro,” Bullet said. “We don’t need the dirty doctor making this sweetheart go into labor right here on the street.”

Bones glowered at Bullet; then he turned that devastating gaze on Sarah again and said, “Say yes to Thanksgiving and a joint birthday party, darlin’.”

“Yes,” Finlay said. “Please do, Sarah.”

“And don’t mind these guys,” Gemma added. “They always talk like that.”

“If you’re sure…?” she asked carefully.

“Absofrigginglutely.” Bones leaned closer to Lila and whispered, “We’re celebrating together, peanut.”

Gemma peeled Kennedy from Bullet’s massive chest. “On that adorable note, I think we’ll get our babies home to bed, too.”

Kennedy sighed, her sleepy eyes closing again as she cuddled in her mama’s arms.

“I’ll hit you guys up this week,” Truman said to the guys.

“Sounds good, man,” Bullet replied.

Finlay looked at Sarah and said, “I’ll call you and we’ll figure out a time to get together after the wedding to plan the birthday party.”

“Okay, thanks. That sounds like fun.” She glanced at her baby girl sleeping cozily in Bones’s arms. Turning one is a big deal. She deserves fanfare. She did deserve fanfare, and Bones recognizing that fact made it an even bigger deal.

Finlay wrapped her arms around Bullet and gazed up at him with stars in her eyes. “I still can’t believe we’re getting married next weekend. Who plans a wedding that fast?”

“A gnarly, possessive biker who wants to get a ring on your finger before you realize what a mistake you’re making,” Bones said with a smirk.

“Damn right,” Bullet said.

“Thank goodness Cassie has the time to cater,” Finlay said. Cassie owned Messy Buns and Muffin Tops Bakery in the heart of Peaceful Harbor. “What kind of caterer can’t take care of her own wedding?”

“A busy one,” Sarah said. “I have no idea how you do as much as you do, with working at the bar, your catering company, and planning your wedding.”

Finlay leaned into Bullet’s side and said, “The wedding planning was simple. As long as family and friends are there, nothing else really matters. We didn’t even have to send out invitations. Bullet put out the word about the date, and it quickly spread to all of the Dark Knights members. We had more help than we could have ever needed.”

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