Wicked Whiskey Love

By: Melissa Foster

They’d only just reunited, and the first night they’d gone out to celebrate, they’d gotten into the car accident that had landed her babies and Scott in the hospital. Lila had scars on her face and arms, and Scott was still doing physical therapy to strengthen his legs, which had been broken in the accident. Thanks to Bullet’s fast thinking, they’d all survived.

That seemed to be the story of their lives. Surviving. She wondered if any of the others were waiting for their own beautiful lives to implode, or if she was alone in that fear.

She hiked her baby bag over her shoulder and climbed down, taking Lila from Scott. They were quickly swept into the crowd as they made their way toward the motorcycles. Sarah peered around a heavyset woman and scanned the crowd, quickly finding the broad shoulders she’d know anywhere. Bones was surrounded by a group of women dressed in sexy costumes with short skirts and tight bodices. They were gazing up at him like he was the Wizard and held the answers to all their problems.

Sarah pushed through the crowd, and Bones turned, his dark eyes locking on her so intently she stilled. She lowered her gaze, looking for Bradley, and her stomach took a nosedive.

A woman dressed as a witch grabbed Bones’s arm, turning him away.

“Scott, where’s Bradley?” Panic gripped her as she spun around, searching the crowd. In her heart she knew Bones would never put her children in danger. But her children’s own father, the man who was supposed to protect them with his life, had put them in harm’s way. She no longer trusted her instincts like she used to.

“It’s okay. I’m sure he’s nearby.” Scott plowed through the mass of people, hollering Bradley’s name.

With her heart in her throat, Sarah pushed forward, clutching Lila and calling for Bradley. Bones spun around and quickly closed the distance between them.

His arm circled her waist, hauling her and Lila closer. “What’s wrong?”

She pushed out of his arms, panicked. “Where’s Bradley?”

“He’s with my mother, Babs, and Chicki. They’re taking him to get cotton candy.”

Relief washed over her. Babs’s and Chicki’s husbands were Dark Knights, and they were both as close as family to Bones. Babs babysat Lila and Bradley, and Chicki owned the salon where Sarah worked. She trusted them and Red, Bones’s mother, explicitly, but that didn’t stop her fear from tumbling out. “You’ve got to let me know before you let someone else watch him.”

“You’re absolutely right. I was just coming to tell you, but one of the nurses from the hospital cornered me. I’m sorry.” He drew her closer and then held her even tighter. “You’re shaking.”

“Damn right I’m shaking,” she said, trying to calm her remaining panic. “I thought my baby was lost. I need to see him. Can we—”

Bones was already on the move, barreling through the crowd with Sarah tucked against his side. He did that a lot, and she didn’t think she’d ever get used to the pulse of heat seeping from his body to hers. He hollered to Scott as they passed, and Scott joined them, making a beeline for the cotton-candy vendor.

“He’s with Red, Chicki, and Babs,” Sarah explained. The relief on her brother’s face was as pure and present as her own.

“Thank God,” Scott said. “I told you it was going to be okay. Bones would never let anything happen to Bradley.”

“Not a chance,” Bones said fiercely. “I didn’t mean to alarm you guys. I was heading over to tell Sarah when I got snagged by a nurse.”

Bones pointed to Bradley sitting on Chicki’s lap in the grass beside Red and Babs, dousing the last of Sarah’s lingering panic. Bradley had sticky blue cotton candy all over his cheeks, and he was giggling as he held the sugary puff out toward Red. Red leaned forward, making a dramatic show of taking a big bite of the sticky treat, and then Babs did the same. Bradley giggled, and Chicki hugged him.

Sarah might be wary of fully trusting anyone, but seeing those women love up her son made her warm all over, and embarrassment for overreacting after Bones and his family had done so much for them nearly swallowed her whole. In addition to everything else the Whiskeys had done for her and her family, after Scott’s injuries had cost him his new job, the Whiskeys introduced him to the guys down at the marina, where he now worked.

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