You Don't Know Me

By: Georgia Le Carre

They are my life.

Liliana runs out ahead with the boys running behind her and Lily lagging behind. I watch them throw the food on to the large feeding platform. There are already a few birds waiting, but suddenly a whole crowd of crows descends on them. There must be at least fifty. It is a magnificent sight.

After they have fed the birds they will go to see the horses, so I go upstairs and get into the shower. When I come out Lily and the kids are still not back, but staff have started arriving. I dress quickly and leave the house.

The roads are fairly clear and I get into work pretty quickly. I pick up a paper at reception, get into the lift, and hit the button for my floor. When the doors open I stroll into to my secretary, Eliza’s, office. She looks at me strangely.

‘Your brother is here.’

‘Dom or Shane?’

She widens her eyes. ‘Neither?’

I stare at her. ‘What?’

‘He says he’s your brother.’

I look at her with a bemused expression. Is she serious?

‘His name is Tyson Eden.’

‘Where is he now?’

‘In your office.’

‘You let him go into my office? A complete stranger?’

She nods, a funny expression on her face. ‘Yeah.’

What the fuck is going on? I stride to my door, open it and come to a dead stop. No wonder Eliza let him decide where he should wait. The cocky bastard is sitting in my chair with his ankles crossed and up on my table. He is wearing a string vest and his chest and arms are tattooed. His face … it’s like looking into the fucking mirror.

Dad, you old dog, you!

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