You Don't Know Me

By: Georgia Le Carre

But I hold my tongue. Let her break it.

Finally, she looks up. ‘I’m … getting … married in six months,’ she says quietly.

I already knew that little fact, Tasha. You’re marrying the good-for-nothing son of a psychopathic billionaire. It’s a marriage brokered in hell by her fat fuck father, a thoroughly ugly and detestable man. If he knew she was here it wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Blood on the floor would be the least of it.

I say nothing and she fixes me with those unnerving eyes of hers.

‘Well, anyway, I thought that before I settle down I’d like to try life a little.’

‘Oh yeah?’ I can’t fucking believe she’s going where I think she’s going.

‘Yeah. I want you to have sex with me tonight,’ she says very quickly into the tense air.


Noah Abramovich

My entire body reacts to her words. My heart hammers in my chest and blood races so fast into my cock it hurts, but years of training keeps my face poker straight. Until today she has never even so much as looked in my direction and now she wants me to fuck her. Something’s not right. I steeple my hands on the table.

‘You might need to explain yourself a little bit more.’

She gives a one-shoulder shrug, a careless, elegant, infuriating movement. ‘What’s to explain? I want us to … fuck.’ The Princess had to struggle to get that last word out.


‘Because … because I want to be … taken by someone like you.’

Like me. Now, I get it. The spoilt, bored rich girl is going to become the spoilt bored wife of a spineless fool, but before she submits to that endless boredom she wants to experience something dirty with someone from the wrong end of town.

The Princess wants to be a slut for one night. And the person she has chosen is me. I lean back in my chair and let my eyes roll all over her. Well, well, well. All that untouchable beauty just laid out for me to soil and dishonor.

‘What makes you think I want one night with you?’

Her smooth brow crinkles. ‘Don’t all men want a no strings, dirty night with a perfect stranger?’

I stare at her. This is what happens when you shelter your daughter to death.

She mistakes my silence for reluctance. As if any man in his right man would refuse her. Swallowing hard she straightens her spine as steely determination sparkles in her eyes. She has, after all, come from her father’s loins.

‘There will be no consequences to you. No one will ever know. After tonight we will probably never meet again, and even if we do it will be as if this night never happened.’

‘Where does your father think you are now?’

She licks those lips that I want to bite. ‘In my bed. Asleep.’

As if my lustful thought has transferred to her, her white teeth sink into her bottom lip. I inhale sharply. Pure lust is a powerful, bewitching thing. I have always detested weak people whose only excuse for doing things they shouldn’t is:

It was the moment. I simply couldn’t help myself.

In that instant I get what they are talking about. Every cell in my body is screaming at me not to take the poisoned chalice, but as if she has cast a spell on me, I stand up, walk around the desk like a zombie, and hold out my hand.

She wants dirty sex.

I know all about that.

Sure I’ll give her a night so dirty her toes will curl. I’ll make it so unforgettable that in years to come while her husband’s half-flaccid dick labors inside her, she will close her eyes and remember my cock thrusting inside her.

A glimmer of a smile appears on her lips. She puts her hand in mine, I tug at it, and she allows herself to tumble against my body. Her body is softly curving and immediately molds itself into the hardness of mine. Her perfume rises up and fills my nostrils. I breathe it in. It’s been a long time, in fact, I can’t remember the last time a woman could disarm me in this way. But she only wants dirty sex with you. She is yours only tonight.

‘Are you wet?’ I ask, my voice harsh.

She shakes her head, her eyes huge.

My eyebrows rise. ‘You sure about that?’

‘Yes.’ Defiant.

Without warning I grab her round ass and stick my other hand under her chaste dress. She struggles, but I tighten my hold, making her efforts puny and useless. Her eyes flash as my hand slips beneath her panties and touches her bare pussy. I plunge two fingers into her cunt. She gasps and goes rigid.

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