You Don't Know Me

By: Georgia Le Carre

He lifts his head. ‘Relax,’ he orders.

I stare at the ceiling, furious with myself for reacting like a frightened rabbit, or some little Victorian virgin prude. I’m going to make this night work. One way or another. I’ve dreamed of it too long not to. He buries his head between my thighs.

‘Oh, God,’ I groan, my body arching involuntarily, when his tongue finds the wet opening and plunges inside. The pleasure is delicious.

His hands roam my body as his tongue swirls inside me, licking, rolling, slurping, tasting my depths, eating me as if he is a starving wolf. My legs lock round his head and my pussy tightens around his eager tongue. Just when I think he has found the right spot he goes deeper, or shifts the angle, and finds a whole new right spot.

‘Yes, there,’ I cry, my whole body bucking as I grind my sex against his mouth and chase my orgasm. When I am almost screaming with pleasure, he removes his tongue from inside me and clamps his lips around the small hard bud of my clit and suckles it.

‘I’m so close,’ I moan.

His reply is to suck harder.

‘Oh, Noah,’ I scream and, grabbing his head, come. Hard! The world becomes white with the intensity of my climax. It is beyond anything I have experienced before. The orgasm rips through me and leaves me a quivering mess and I become aware that his tongue is still lodged inside me.

‘That was amazing.’ My voice is hoarse.

He lifts his head, his mouth and chin glistering.

‘You’re amazing,’ he says and dips his fingers into me. I gasp and tighten my muscles around the digits. With wide eyes I watch him gather the juices from my pussy and smear it on to the vagina of the toy. He even inserts his fingers into the toy to coat the insides.

I meet his dark, inscrutable eyes, and suddenly I want to be the girl who is so wild and willing she is extraordinary. I know he will haunt me forever. Let it not only be him that leaves an indelible mark on me. I’ll give him a show he will never forget.

I get on my knees and sink down on the toy’s frilly pink lips. I lick it and, for the first time, taste my own juices. On my knees and sucking a toy pussy smeared with my own juices, I hear him draw in a sharp breath. In my peripheral view I see him take his trousers off. I want to see his cock, but he moves to the back of me. I slurp at the lips greedily, and exactly as he had done to me, I dip my tongue into the soft opening.

Behind me I hear the sound of a condom wrapper being hurriedly torn open and my whole body becomes electrified. Every atom alert and waiting for his touch. First those large, rough hands wrap around my hips, then, his cock head starts to penetrate me. I am dripping wet, but it is enormous and I cry out with pain as it spreads me open and forces itself into me. I feel him stretch me wider and wider as the hard pillar goes deeper inside me. As I start to adjust to the thick cock inside me, the sensation of fullness is wonderful.

This is what my sex was made for.

‘Spread your legs wider,’ he instructs, his voice thick with lust.

I obey.

‘Wider still and push your ass up,’ he commands.

With my pussy speared with his cock, I can’t help the feeling of being helpless and vulnerable. My entire body prepares itself to get the fucking of its life. I whimper as the nub between my legs begins to throb like a heart. I know then that I want him to start moving so bad it feels as if I will break into a thousand pieces if he does not.

He begins by rolling his hips, slowly, deliberately, before picking up speed, bumping into me as far as he can go and feeling so big inside me. The thrusts becoming more savage, building and building to an almost unbearable speed. Mercilessly he fucks me as fast as he can while my hips rise up to meet his thrusts. Until every nerve ending in my body is screaming for release.

‘Play with yourself,’ he growls.

I use my fingers and frantically frig at my clit and almost instantly I feel a monster orgasm coming my way.

‘Stick your tongue into that pussy while my big cock fucks you,’ he orders, and suddenly I’m riding an enormous wave. He must have been holding back and waiting for me because he roars and explodes together with me.

My climax begins at my core. It blasts through my body like a firebomb and ends at my fingertips and toes. The power of it turns my cry soundless and makes me physically shake. I didn’t know where I ended and he began anymore. We were one, one never-ending earth-shattering climax.

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