You Don't Know Me

By: Georgia Le Carre

Every time I think I have reached the edge, this must be it, there cannot be more, Noah carries on jackhammering the entire length of his cock deep into my body, and it begins all over again, the next climax slamming into me like a brick wall. Until my brain feels fried, my mouth is screaming noiselessly, and my limbs shake and convulse uncontrollably. Nothing I have ever done, not by myself, or with any other guy compares to this mind-blowing sensation.

When it is finally over, my body feels as heavy as lead and I am so completely drained my upper body collapses on the bed. His hands don’t let go of my hips. He keeps us joined while my pussy carries on convulsing and gushing around his cock. Only when all the tremors are gone does he pull out of me.

He falls to the bed, his head appearing next to my eyes. I turn to look at him with awe. ‘Is it always like that with you?’

He shakes his head, his eyes mysterious.

My hand reaches out to touch the masculine lines of his face. ‘You really are so beautiful,’ I whisper.

A ghost of a smile crosses his face. It’s an oddly bleak smile. It makes me want to hold him close to my heart and never let go. To my surprise, my eyes fill with tears. I’m not normally a crybaby.

His eyes narrow. ‘What’s the matter? Did I hurt you?’

I bite my lip to stop the sniffles. ‘No. It’s just the emotion you released, I guess.’

He nods.

‘You don’t say much, do you?’


Noah Abramovich

She is nothing like I’d imagined. In my mind, I deliberately painted her as a spoilt Princess. Rude, uncaring, cold, shallow, carelessly whiling away her time the way the daughters of very rich men do, an army of trailing servants to pick up after her. Even so, I wanted her badly, but now that I have drunk her sweet nectar, I crave her the way a man dying of thirst craves a glass of cool water.

‘You don’t want to talk to me?’ she asks, her eyes clouding over with hurt.

Fuck. How can a grown woman be so innocent, so fucking clueless about what a man wants? Can a woman like this ever fit into my fucked up life?

What the fuck? Did I actually entertain that crazy thought in my head? Goddamn you, Noah, you’re just screwing with yourself. You can never have Tasha Evanoff. Her father would rather boil me alive than let the likes of me have her. Hell, he’d have boiled me alive if he knew I even touched her. I feel a twitch start up in my jaw. The rage of being so close to something you are dying for and knowing you can never have it.

‘What do you want me to say, Tasha?’ I ask harshly.

Her eyes widen with shock at my bitter tone.

‘In a few hours you’ll be gone forever. What should I say? That was great. Thanks. Or better still, want me to say I’ll fight for you? I’ll kill your father, the man you’re supposed to marry, and anyone else who stands in my fucking way.’

Her lower lip starts trembling. She presses her mouth into a straight line, turns away from me, and stares up at the ceiling.

‘You don’t have to be so horrible. We are just ships passing in the night. You are a man. Surely you must have had many such nights as this. Were you this horrible to all of them too?’ Her voice breaks on the last question. She blinks hard and fast, but a tear slides out from the corner of her eyes and runs down her temple into her hair.

The sight makes my chest hurt. Something inside me feels like it is breaking. I cannot understand how she can so easily get under my skin. I am the tough guy. No one gets to me. Ever. Yet, I am like putty in her hands. I get up onto my elbow and very gently lick the salty stream.

‘I’m sorry.’

She fixes her gaze on me, her beautiful, beautiful eyes piercing my soul. ‘It’s okay. I forgive you. I never want to fight with you,’ she murmurs.

Her quick acceptance of my apology is child-like and endearing. With every second that passes she entwines herself more and more tightly around my heart. I touch her belly and her hand runs down my body and cups my still half-hard cock. It starts to swell and she smiles, feeling powerful, knowing she is the cause.

She lifts off the bed and I watch as she drops to the floor and, bending her head, fills her mouth with the broad mushroom head of my cock. Her mouth is heaven, soft, warm and velvety. Slowly, she slides her lips just over halfway down my cock, and my long shaft is already at the back of her throat. She begins a smooth cock-sucking rhythm. A nun with a toothache could have done better, but her inexperience and inability to take the whole of me excites me so much I feel my climax already building. I sit up, pull out of her mouth, and enjoy the exquisite sensation of sliding my cock along her tongue.

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