Twin Wolf Trouble(Shifter Squad Six)

By: Anya Nowlan



Very few things got Tex’s blood pumping and his ears humming with irritation, but leaving a good party when it was just getting thumping was one of them.

“I still think this is one of the shittiest ideas you’ve ever come up with,” Tex grumbled, loosening the tie that felt like a noose around his neck.

He hadn’t slept since the previous day and the tequila and whiskey were still making rounds in his blood stream, though the alcohol was little more than an afterthought now. As far as he was concerned, no one could tell him that he was doing anything wrong. It had been Connor’s wedding after all – if he didn’t get a bit blitzed there, where was he supposed to party then?

“Yeah, well, tough luck,” Thatch grumbled, slinging his heavy duffel bag over his shoulder and slinking through the crowd like a man on a mission.

That wasn’t too far from the truth. Not with the Crawley twins, anyway. Lately, it seemed like they were always on a mission. Usually, nothing made Tex gladder than the chance of some rampant violence, but today, he was a little bit preoccupied.

It was an odd mixture of relief and joy for Tex, seeing his squad leader get hitched. Walking through the train station now, following his twin Thatch, Tex couldn’t help but take a minute to think about it. With sleep in his eyes and his muscles heavy from the long day and night of tearing it up, his mind seemed to be as alert as ever for some ungodly reason.

Happiness wasn’t something that was supposed to happen to guys like Tex, Thatch, Connor or the rest of Squad Six. All ex-SEALs, they had plenty of blood on their hands and with their jobs for The Firm, a large private security and army for hire establishment, it wasn’t like those rivers of red were going to stop any time soon. None of them wanted them to – that’s what kept them going back to the job.

Not so much the carnage, maybe, especially since they prided themselves on getting in and out fast and doing their missions as smoothly as they could, but the danger, definitely. The adrenaline that pounded through Tex’s veins every time he was hiding from an enemy almost as sharp as he was, or setting up a trap for some unsuspecting schmuck was unlike any feeling he’d ever had. It was what life tasted to him like – if it didn’t have a dash of action to it, it wasn’t fun.

But that didn’t make for a conducive environment to have a relationship in, let alone raise children. Somehow, Connor had made it work, though. He had the most stressful job out of all of the squad, seeing as he had to keep the rest of them alive and on point, yet he’d found the perfect woman, had a child with her and married her. And no one that didn’t deserve to die had done so in the process.

It was mind-boggling, to say the least. It even gave Tex some hope.

Weirder things have happened.

“We can still turn back, you know,” Tex grumbled as Thatch made him stop in a long line, waiting for their tickets like they were tourists or something. “You can have that redheaded bridesmaid, I’ll take Connor’s estranged cousin, or whoever she was, and we’ll all have fun. Come on, live a little!”

He didn’t expect it to work. One look from Thatch confirmed as much. Yet, there was a hint of amusement in the way the corner of Thatch’s mouth curved when he shook his head, fishing for his wallet in his pockets.

The older Crawley was always the responsible one. They were Alpha twins, destined to form a triad and lead their wolf pack one day, but so far the only thing they were interested in leading was a quick charge with preferably a bunch of explosions and a thick wad of cash on the other side. One would think that nearing thirty, they’d be well on the way to growing up by now, but if anything, Thatch had started accepting a lot more missions than he had before, chasing the danger even harder.

Only this time, his eagerness to work was fucking with Tex’s day and he wasn’t all that thrilled.

Frustrated, Tex let the duffel crash to the floor and he sat down on it heavily, unbuttoning a button on his white dress shirt. They were both still in their suits from playing their parts as Connor’s groomsmen, dressed up like they had some sense of fashion outside of ripped jeans and combat boots, and the tight fabric felt like it was suffocating him. Tex shifted a little on the bag, feeling the butt of his assault rifle dig into his ass.

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